Royle Baby…. no really

This weeks #BlogGirls link up theme is the Royal Baby. I don’t really think I’ve got anything useful to contribute on the subject that hasn’t already been said before. I’m clearly going to really struggle with this blog post. So lets turn it on it’s head.

I’m a big comedy fan and to me the ultimate royal birth was the beautiful arrival of baby David in the Christmas 1999 episode of the Royle Family. If there’s one thing the Royle Family did well it’s pathos and that episode was full of it. I remember sitting with my family watching it and every one of us had a tear in our eye. For me that was the last truly great episode and none that followed, have lived up to those high standards.


I loved the early episodes of the Royle Family. Coming from Manchester I was already a big fan of Craig Cash and Caroline Aherne. Their writing was absolutely top notch and every single second of film was obviously lovingly crafted and slaved over.

I think Craig Cash is incredibly underrated both as a writer and performer and for my money his follow up project “Early Doors” was just as good if not at times better than the Royle Family. If you’ve not seen it then you should, fantastic writing and acting from all involved.

So, that was my Royal/Royle Baby blog post. I wonder what baby David would be up to now, he’d be a hulking great teenager, getting up to mischief, his life would not be full of options and opportunities. Baby David’s life would be the exact polar opposite of the life of opportunity and privilege of baby George Alexander Louis of Cambridge but I know which life I’d rather live.


6 responses to “Royle Baby…. no really

  1. expressionconfession

    Oh I so miss the Royle Family. I wish they’d bring it back! xx

  2. Haha I’m so jealous of your take on this… I hated having to write anything about the Royal Family! Love this post and absolutely adore The Royle Family 🙂

  3. i love your take on the title you big rebel! i think you definitely win the prize (there isnt one) for being the furthest from the intended topic, love it x

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