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Hair Care: How I’ve learned to live with my fine hair

When I was a child I had wonderfully thick and glossy hair, the kind people envied. Then I hit puberty and it gradually began to thin out, and thin out, and thin out. Now I have really fine hair. It is what it is, and I’ve got what I’ve got. I’ve just got to make the best of it.

Being a woman I have gone through hormonal peaks and troughs. When I was pregnant my hair grew thicker and more plentiful, but as soon as my son was born it all fell out again. It’s grown back a bit more now but I know that in the last four years, stress and medication have taken their toll. I’m now hurtling towards menopause and I’m worried what my post menopausal hair will be like.

On a day-to-day basis I use a special shampoo for fine hair. I also use styling products which are supposed to stimulate your hair follicles. I try to give my hair a few days off if I can. Sometimes I don’t leave the house so I don’t wash my hair, or I wash it but don’t style it; which gives it a break from the heat of my hairdryer.

These days I tend to use lots of thickening products, especially if I’m going out or heading to an important meeting. I find dry shampoo is a good way to temporarily boost volume, but it does make my scalp itch so I don’t use it very often. 

I’ve got short hair which I’ve dyed at home for years. I dyed it back to near its natural colour a few months ago. Now I’m giving my hair a break from artificial colouring to see if that makes a difference to its condition.

I know it will get to the point where I will either need to fully embrace it and shave it all off, or take the hair transplant route. I’m not sure which way I’ll jump yet, but my fine hair is here to stay regardless of which shampoo I use.

Having fine hair is something which is remarkably common, but it’s almost taboo. In a society where your hair is supposed to be your crowing glory; if it isn’t then you’re not ticking all the ‘beautiful girl’ boxes. Not that I ticked many in the first place.

If your ‘crowning glory’ is mostly stuck down the plug-hole, should women just embrace it? After all, if it’s ok for men to be bald (and sexy) why can’t it be the same for women?

Hair Care: How I've learned to live with my fine hair

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How To Help Your Kids Without Helicopter Parenting

Worrying about your kids to a certain degree is natural, but helicopter parenting isn’t the best thing you can do for them. If you want your child to grow to be a balanced, well rounded individual, you need to encourage them to be independent. You won’t do this if you’re micromanaging their lives.

Know Why You Helicopter Parent

If you want to avoid being a helicopter parent, or stop being one, it’s important to know why this happens in the first place. It’s usually down to the following reasons:

  • Fear of scary consequences
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Overcompensation for your own upbringing

Which one is it for you? When you know, you can start to work these feelings.

Know the downsides of helicopter parenting to deter you from doing it. This type of parenting can cause many issues in your child’s life. Low confidence and self esteem are common among children who have helicopter parents. Undeveloped coping skills are also a huge problem. What about when your child doesn’t want to do their own laces, or perform the simplest of tasks? They’ll have a lot of trouble when growing up and heading off to places like college and uni, if they decide to go at all. There are services like those found on that could potentially help them through, but they can’t do the entire course for them! You need to seriously think of your child’s future and how you’d like them to live their lives.

Anxiety in kids is common with helicopter parenting, and a sense of entitlement. In extreme cases, you may find undeveloped life skills that they should really have, such as dressing themselves. In short, stop micromanaging your child!

How You Can Help Your Kids Without Helicopter Parenting

Make A Child ‘Resume’

To prove to yourself and your child everything they can do, have fun making them a ‘resume’. It doesn’t need to look like a real resume. Just have fun with it. List all of the things they can do. For instance

  • Sian can put her toys away.
  • Molly can dress herself.
  • Tom can brush his teeth alone.
  • Adam can use the telephone.

Not only will this remind you of everything they are capable of, it’ll also help them to see how great they’re doing. Then they’ll be so proud of themselves that they will want to try hard to do new things!

Ensure They Live Balanced Lives

Make sure your child is living a balanced life, without taking it to extremes. For example, they should be able to do their homework and have a social life. They shouldn’t be doing too much of one or the other. Something called ‘Submarine Parenting’ is a good option. You’re there where they can’t see you, so they are less likely to come to you for help with something they can do alone. However, you’re in the background somewhere, so you know if they truly need you or not.

You should stay close for real emergencies, but encourage them to go it alone where possible.

What do you think of these ideas?

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Three risks every kitchen gardener needs to know

Once you get into growing your own food in your own garden, it can become something of an addiction. It saves you a lot of money on ingredients in meals or on simple treats like blueberries. When you grow your own food, something about it just tastes better, too. Knowing that you put the work in producing the food on your own plate is honestly more fulfilling than many expect to be, initially. But there are risks to growing your food at home that can result in all your efforts being for naught. Before you deal with the frustration of your hard work going down the drain, here are three risks, in particular, to watch out for.

Three risks every kitchen gardener needs to know

Get rid of the nibblers

Inviting some nature into the garden, whether it’s bringing in butterflies or making room with a hedgehog hut, can make the garden not only a much more relaxing and pleasant place to be. It can make it environmentally friendly, too. But if you let nature run wild, you can be certain your homegrown foodstuffs won’t last very long thanks to the pests. However, pesticides can often have a negative effect on the food you’re growing, too. Get to know which pests are likely to eat the foods you plant and find the companion plants that get rid of them. For instance, aphids are a very common concern when growing tomatoes. Aphids are repelled by catnip. Learn the pests that prove a risk to whatever you’re growing and the companion plants or predators you can introduce in the garden to keep them at bay.

Prepare for a cold snap

Planting foodstuffs is a seasonal job, and you’re best off planting when things are in-season. There’s plenty you can plant in the autumn and winter but, even then, a particularly cold snap can utterly ruin your chances of ending up with healthy vegetables. Controlling your climate with tools like Swallow greenhouses gives you some security that all your hard work won’t go down the drain because of one week’s bad weather. A little climate control allows you to have a greater variety of fresh vegetables the whole year round, too.

Keep the food healthy

Your vegetables might grow to a ripe old state no problem, but another issue is whether they’re really safe to eat or not. In urban gardening, in particular, there are risks that might make it less than trustworthy on the plate. As Treehugger suggests, there are real risks to contamination, whether it’s from the soil or the products you use on it. To minimize that risk, it’s a good idea to test the soil you want to use or even buy fresh, tested soil to create new plots. If you live by a road and you’re concerned about contaminated dust being blown in from the traffic, you can build a wall around the vegetable gardens to serve as a barrier against them, too.

Get over the three hurdles above and making your own berries and vegetables in the garden is going to be no issue at all. Now get out there and start growing.

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Learning: Is It Time To Embrace E-Learning?

If you’re reading this, you are probably starting to think about college or further education either for yourself or your children. Where should your kids go to college? When should they start preparing for it and how on earth can you afford it? Today, we’re not going to answer any of those questions. Instead, we’re going to look at the possibility of e-learning and why it might be the best option for your child.

E-learning is often learning based entirely, mainly or partially online. Through e-learning, you can gain access to the same or similar courses that you could at university. However, rather than spending your time at the college, you can work from home. This brings us to the first, rather awesome advantage of e-learning.

Complete Freedom

With e-learning there typically isn’t a full schedule. As such, you can choose when you want to work, how you want to work and how often you want to study. There might be an area of the course that you know like the back of your hand. You can skip over it and instead focus on another section. Or, you can use the spare time more wisely. Your kids won’t be rushing to lectures either which means that they could theoretically stay at home.

Now, the disadvantage of this is that they will miss out on the level of independence that develops when you’re in college. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and there’s another advantage that we have to point out.

It’s Cheaper

If you’re worried about the costs of college you probably just breathed a sigh of relief. On average, top colleges can cost fees that range in the hundreds of thousands. If you don’t want to leave your kids with huge amounts of debt once they complete their degree, you’ll have to figure out how to pay these bills. But you won’t have to if you embrace the idea of e-learning. With e-learning courses are a lot cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about all the expensive add ons like renting a dorm room. Instead, it’s all covered in one easy to pay bill. There’s another benefit too.

Faster Than You Think

How long do you think it takes to graduate from college? You’re probably thinking somewhere along the lines of four years, but that’s not true online. You can graduate with an accredited online MBA in just eighteen months! That’s incredible, and it puts that dependence argument into perspective. Once they have the degree, your kid will be free to leave the nest entering the job market, long before their peers. As such, it doesn’t diminish their gained level of dependence. It just postpones it.

Open Possibilities

Talking to your child, they might assume that their options are limited when studying online. But that’s not true either, and they can study everything from health to business management and even human resources. As such, they can still find the right degree for them and get started, pursuing their dream career.

So, is e-learning the right decision for your soon-to-be college student? It certainly could be!

Learning: Is It Time To Embrace E-Learning?

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Recipe: Microwave Lemon & Thyme Sponge Puddings

A couple of years ago I made a bit of a breakthrough in making quick puddings for my family. I made a jam sponge in the microwave and that’s been our go to speedy pudding at home for a little while. As much as we all love jam sponge (and we really love jam sponge) I thought it was time to ring the changes. This weekend I made Lemon & Thyme Sponge Puddings in the microwave and they were really rather good. Good enough to give to guests who think you’re more Mary Berry than you actually are. 

Easy Recipe: Microwave Lemon & Thyme Sponge Puddings

These fab little puddings are great to throw together in a hurry and take just 3 minutes to cook in the microwave. We have a Panasonic microwave oven which is just the thing for cooking these speedy puds. Just make sure you cook the Lemon & Thyme Sponge Puddings one at a time and maybe check how your pudding is doing after two minutes or so. 

I’ve used fresh thyme in these sponge puddings, which I admit is fairly unusual. We have fresh thyme in the garden and it is one of my favourite herbs. Don’t be tempted to used dried thyme in these puds, I don’t think dried would work. If you don’t have fresh then just leave the thyme out altogether.

Lemon & Thyme Sponge Puddings

Ingredients (serves four)
4oz butter or margarine
4oz sugar
2 eggs
Zest of 2 lemons
Juice of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon of thyme leaves, picked from the stalk
1 teaspoon baking powder
4oz self raising flour

To top the puddings –
Lemon curd
Thyme leaves

With an electric hand mixer, beat the butter and sugar together until fluffy. Add the eggs, lemon zest, lemon juice and thyme leaves and combine. Tip the flour and baking powder into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients and beat together.

Lightly grease four microwave proof ramekins. Fill each one 3/4 of the way full with the sponge mix. Loosely cover with cling film, allowing some extra room for the sponge to steam and rise. Microwave each one individually for three minutes. You might want to check how they’re getting on after 2 minutes or so. Your sponges need to be cooked through but not overdone.

Once cooked, run a knife around the edge and tip them out onto a plate. 

Put two heaped dessert spoons of lemon curd into a microwavable dish and warm through for 30 seconds. Stir until it is the consistency of a sauce and drizzle over the top of your sponge, scatter some fresh thyme leaves over and serve with custard. Delicious!

Easy Recipe: Microwave Lemon & Thyme Sponge Puddings

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Five fabulous things about Didsbury Village

Didsbury Village in South Manchester is a pretty special place to live and I’m lucky enough to have been born here. I’ve been thinking about why Didsbury is so special. Is it the parks, the people, the pubs, the sense of community or something else? 

You will have probably seen Didsbury on TV, it’s where Cold Feet is set, and it’s popped up on Queer as Folk, Coronation Street and loads of ITV dramas. Some days you can’t turn a corner without tripping over a film crew. 

Family legend has it that my family have lived in Didsbury village for over 400 years. I am not descended from titled landowners, but from carters and labourers, servants and shop workers. Didsbury is part of me, and I am part of Didsbury. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. But what’s so special about Didsbury Village?

Five fabulous things about Didsbury Village

Is it the pubs?

Didsbury is home to one of the best pub crawls in Manchester, the Didsbury Dozen. I have done it several times and it’s something of a tradition for me to do it on milestone birthdays. 

Didsbury has some great pubs, my favourite of which is the Fletcher Moss in Didsbury Village. It used to be called The Albert and my Grandad and his pals went to war from there. There are several ancient pubs in Didsbury which have in recent years been joined by glossy bars serving £10 gin and tonics and an array of frothy cocktails and craft beers. 

But the pubs in the village are among the longest running businesses in the area, The Royal Oak, The Famous Crown, The Didsbury and Ye Old Cock as well as The Station, The Dog and Partridge and The Nelson have all be serving pints to the good people for Didsbury longer than living memory serves.

Is it the parks?

Didsbury is a leafy suburb of South Manchester, fringed on one side by the River Mersey we are never short of places to walk our dogs. We have Fletcher Moss Gardens, with its untamed meadows, nature reserve, botanical gardens and woodlands to explore. Didsbury Park, a dog walking haven with a newly refurbished and extended playground, Didsbury Park is a hub of community activity. As well as Fog Lane Park, Cavendish Park, Parsonage Gardens and Marie Louise Gardens. We are spoilt for green spaces and when the sun shines we make the most of them.

Didsbury Village

Is it the people?

Didsbury has a great sense of community. Didsbury people have always looked after their own, be it the great benefactors who built schools and libraries in the area, to smaller community groups which help and support local people.

Despite our well heeled reputation, most of the imported millionaires who live here tend to lock themselves away in gated communities, ordering their shopping from Ocado and keeping themselves to themselves.

The streets of Didsbury weren’t always paved with gold, and if you look behind the polished facade you’ll find plenty of normal, every day people who have normal jobs and do what they can to support the local community. From the Didsbury in Bloom volunteers (who are currently planting up the flower bed near my house ready for judging day), to Didsbury Good Neighbours, the WI, Didsbury and West Didsbury Civic Societies as well as local churches and the mosque who collect for the local food banks and other charitable causes. 

There are plenty of opportunities for local people to get involved in their local community throughout the year. As well as the previously mentioned Didsbury in Bloom, there’s the Didsbury Festival, the Didsbury Beer Festival, the Didsbury Arts Festival and West Fest – a celebration of all things West Didsbury. Didsbury Traders support and advocate for local businesses, which in turn try to do their bit to keep Didsbury a thriving place to live and work.

The Shops in Didsbury Village

Didsbury has a strong independent streak, it’s an area which encourages and supports independent businesses. From Didsbury stalwarts such as Axons the butchers, The Cheese Hamlet, Evans the fishmongers, Peter Woolley Printers and Morten’s Bookshop who have been there for generations. To more recent and equally loved businesses like Giddy Goat Toys, Harriet & Dee, Healthy Spirit, Jo Padmore Opticians, Fresh Save and the new butchers – Three Little Pigs.

Didsbury is also known as a great place to go bargain hunting in our many charity shops. Most of my friends have at one time or another stumbled across a designer bargain or two. We are lucky to have a great range of shops and small businesses in Didsbury, but in order for them to survive we need to support them. Go forth and shop local!

Is it our Public Transport?

Reason number five to love Didsbury is our public transport. Yes I know how silly that sounds, but I don’t drive, so buses, trams, trains, planes, cycle lanes and safe pavements to walk down mean a lot to me.

From Didsbury I can hop on a tram and be sat in a bar in town in less than half an hour. I can get a bus, tram or train to Manchester, Stockport, the airport, the Trafford Centre or a hundred other destinations. The Metrolink tram system has opened up Greater Manchester to us and far-flung outposts such as Bury, Oldham and Eccles are just a tram change away. 

Didsbury Village straddles the busiest bus corridor in Europe. Wilmslow Road – the busy artery which runs from the Cheshire border to the university fringes of the city literally is the lifeblood of South Manchester.

Without the buses, trams, trains, planes, cycle lanes and safe pavements of South Manchester, it’s entirely possible this thriving and popular suburb would be nothing but a dusty neglected one horse town with nothing of note to wave a flag about.

Didsbury is a beautiful and historic suburb with lots going for it and so much going on. It’s my home and my history and hopefully my future. What do you love about Didsbury?

Five fabulous things about Didsbury Village

Thanks to Didsbury Traders for the map above.

PCA Predict are experts in email validation and are running a Postcode Pride campaign to find out why people are so proud of their postcode. This is why I’m proud of mine.

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Easy ways of getting organised with Kids

Getting organised at home isn’t usually an easy task for most people. Add kids and all of their toys into the mix and having a tidy and organised home can feel like an impossible dream. But it doesn’t have to be a daunting chore. Read on for some easy tips on how to gain some order in your life.

Set up a bin system

Collapsible fabric bins are super versatile for children’s bedrooms and are great for getting organised. They come in a variety of sizes and colours and can be mixed and matched to complement your décor. Many of these bins have slots for labels, so kids can sort toys, art supplies, hair products, and even books into organised groups. For kids that share a bedroom, personalised name labels can be put into the slots to keep things separate. Inexpensive plastic or wooden shelving is perfect for displaying the colourful bins and keeping items handy.

Easy ways of getting organised with Kids

Utilise plastic totes

Plastic totes are lifesavers when it comes to long-term storage. When swapping your kids’ winter and summer wardrobes, put the out-of-season items in a tote and store in a closet or other out-of-the-way space. These are also perfect for storing keepsake items that are special but no longer in use. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic totes keep bugs, rodents, and water from ruining your things.

Invest in vacuum storage bags

I use the term “invest” here because with plastic vacuum storage bags, you get what you pay for. Skip the bargain off-brand bags and spend a little more for higher quality. These bags are perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets that take up precious closet space until your kids have slumber parties. Place the items inside, seal the bag, vacuum the air out, and voila! That mountain of bedding just became a compact rectangle that can be hidden away under a bed or shoved behind a dresser.

Put baskets EVERYWHERE

Being a parent means laundry, and lots of it. Each additional child increases your wash load exponentially, and it can be extremely frustrating to wash, dry, and fold all of the laundry just to find a stray pair of jeans or a soccer uniform that didn’t make its way into the laundry basket. To combat this, make sure laundry baskets are SUPER accessible to everyone in the house. Placing one in each bedroom, one in the bathroom (or two if you wash towels separately like I do), and one in the laundry room greatly improves your chances of getting everything washed at one time.

Having kids means that your house will never be perfectly tidy. And that’s okay! The happiest homes tend to be the ones that are comfortably lived in. But having some basic organisational systems in place reduces the amount of time spent looking for things and gives everyone more time to spend together doing things much more fun than cleaning the house. After all, they’re only kids once.

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UK Travel: Five British Beaches to Explore This Summer

If you’d prefer to soak up the sun in the UK this summer, there are many excellent, award-winning British beaches to explore up and down the country. While most of the UK’s best beaches are generally in the South West, around Cornwall and Devon, there are some superb sandy beaches to explore in Wales, Scotland, and the South East, too – you just have to know where to look.

Big family trips to the beach can take some planning, transport is often an issue. Public transport can be minimal in rural areas and if you’ve got a small car and a big group of beach-goers then considering minibus hire to take everyone and their buckets and spades to the beach may be a sensible idea.

Woolacombe Beach, Devon

Located on the North Devon Heritage Coast, Woolacombe Beach is a two-mile stretch of picture-postcard sand beach that’s popular with families, couples, and surfers alike. Throughout the summer, the beach has lifeguards present as has plenty of parking. Just a few minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in Woolacombe Bay, you’ll find a quintessentially British ice cream parlour called Sea Breeze Ice Cream & Coffee Shop serving all the beach side refreshments you could ever need.

Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset

One of the UK’s most exclusive locations for holiday homes, Sandbanks in Dorset is considered to be one of the best beaches on the South Coast thanks to its peninsula location, giving it a European vibe. While visiting Sandbanks, you can hop on the Sandbanks Chain Ferry, a shuttle service between Sandbanks and Studland near Poole Harbour. Just a few minutes of the beach, Sandbanks is home to a fantastic selection of cafes and restaurants.

Rhossili Bay, Gower Peninsula, South Wales

Home to the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales is famed for its excellent walks, views, and natural landmarks, however, it’s not the first place you think of when searching for a beautiful British beach. However, Rhossili Bay in Swansea, South Wales, is set within the Gower Peninsula, one of the first Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. The beach is a vast and pristine stretch of sand surrounded by lush greenery and dramatic cliffs.

Nairn Beach, Nairn, Scottish Highlands

On the north coast of Scotland in Inverness, famed for it’s proximity to the world-renowned Loch Ness, sits Nairn Beach which during the winter months is a favourite for dog walkers. When summer comes, the beach comes alive with families, children playing, and couples. The beach benefits from an astounding view to the Black Isles and, further along, is home to a school of dolphins which, if you’re lucky, you might glimpse during your trip.

Hunstanton Beach, Hunstanton, Norfolk

Norfolk in the South East is home to many stone beaches; however, Hunstanton Beach isn’t one of them. Instead, Hunstanton Beach is a pristine sandy beach that’s perfect for families thanks to it’s proximity to an array of activities, including donkey rides, a funfair and pier, and a great selection of restaurants and cafes. Because of its west-facing location, Hunstanton Beach is sheltered from harsh winds, making it the ideal sunbathing spot on a summer’s day.

Wherever you are in the UK this summer, taking a trip to the coast for a day of sunshine is a wonderful thing to do. Choose coach hire London and get your friends and family together with a picnic and set out on a golden adventure and relax on one of the UK’s best sandy beaches and swimming in crystal blue waters, too.

UK Travel: The Best British Beaches to Explore This Summer

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Three times in my life when I’ve needed money fast

I’ve always been pretty good with money, living within my means and budgeting and saving when I can. In good times and bad we’ve always had enough to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. It’s those pesky times when you’re hit by a big bill for something unexpected which knock you for six. 

No matter how well you’re managing your money, having to dig deep and find £500 for a car repair bill, or a new washing machine is always going to mess up your budget for that month, and perhaps the following few months. Despite careful planning and budgeting, we have sometimes found ourselves in a financial pickle. 

Here are the three times in our lives when we’ve needed money fast –

Unexpected and huge Vet bill

We inherited a wild and wonderful dog. She was young, bouncy and fearless. She also wasn’t insured. One of the first times we took her for a walk she had a freak accident and poked herself in her throat with a stick. A huge haematoma developed and she not only needed emergency treatment, she needed specialist emergency treatment. Several surgeries later she was better and we were £3k poorer. 

We scrabbled around trying to find the money to pay the bill. We spent our savings, our family had a whip round and we budgeted extra hard for months afterwards (beans on toast for tea every night). It was tough and it took us a few years to get over the financial hit we took. The lesson? Always insure your pets.

New car after write off

When my husband was involved in a car accident and his first car was written off, we thought we would be ok because it was insured. It turns out we had undervalued his car (a nippy little Citroen Saxo which we loved) on the insurance forms, so instead of getting the £2k it was worth, we got half that and needed to find the difference and a little more for a new car. 

I don’t drive, so we relied on his car for holidays, for shopping and getting us both to work. He used his car for work a lot too. Whilst we could manage for a few weeks solely on public transport, we needed a new car pretty quickly. Again we scrabbled around, dipped into savings and negotiated hard with used car salesman. We got our new car, it probably wasn’t the car we would have chosen if the circumstances were different, but it got us from A to B and took us on a few adventures over the years.

You can’t live without a fridge freezer can you?

White goods are a bit of a nightmare. They’re mostly essential and these days when they go wrong it’s usually cheaper to replace them than it is to repair them. Having said that, our trusty washing machine repairman has kept several of our washing machines limping along for a few extra years. 

What we cannot live without, especially now we have a son is a fridge freezer. A few years ago we went away for a weekend and when we returned home we discovered that the fridge freezer had died and everything in it had defrosted. It was completely kaput. Although it was quick and easy to get online and find a replacement, finding the £350 to pay for it was a little trickier.

We’ve been lucky when it’s come to big bills. We’ve usually managed to get enough money together by digging into what savings we had and family have usually been happy to help out if we needed them to. Finding the money to pay an unexpected and big bill can be a nightmare, a short-term loan from a company such as Cash Lady could help to get you over the bump.

Big, unexpected bills are part of life, and whilst you can put money to one side to pay for them, sometimes that’s not enough.

money Three times in my life when I've needed money fast

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Interiors: Stylish LED Lighting to suit your home

LED lighting offers some great benefits, but a common misconception is that although LED lighting is great value for money, it has an ugly, commercial appearance that isn’t suitable for the home. If your house is cosily and beautifully decorated, then the last thing you want is bright industrial looking lighting.  Are LED lights really just ugly fittings and bright white bulbs?

There is no denying the difference that good lighting can make to a room or garden. Even if you have a relatively small space, the right lighting can make your home bright, light and beautiful. By the same token, if you have a big open space that just doesn’t feel ‘cosy’ enough to live in, then a warm, subtle glow from your lighting can really help in setting the scene. The great thing about LED lighting is that you don’t just get one ‘colour’ of light and LED options these days are virtually infinite. 

There is a whole spectrum of different hues and brightness available from a golden warm white, all the way up to a crisp, bright daylight as well as plenty of choices in between. Choose an option to suit the mood you are trying to create, and you will have the perfect lighting to complement to your décor.

Not only do the LED bulbs come in a vast range of stylish choices, there is also a huge selection of super stylish fittings that will make you wonder why you didn’t try LED lighting sooner! For illumination in the bedroom, try some ceiling spotlights? There are some really great, delicate options that can be fitted on their own or in a row of five or six heads. Their chic design means they will not intrude on the décor you already have in your bedroom but rather enhance it.

If your after something a little more ‘out there’ why not go for some wardrobe lighting? Most wardrobe LED’s are designed with a sensor. This means that they will come on automatically when the wardrobe is opened. This is not only practical but also looks great and will definitely bring out your inner Carrie Bradshaw!

Bathroom lighting can be tricky as often bathrooms can be fairly small spaces, Having a large, unattractive light fitting in your bathroom can be too much. A popular bathroom lighting option is the spotlight as they can be recessed easily into the ceiling. However, if you want to add a little extra something to your bathroom, why not install some cabinet or shelf lighting, These can really set the mood for a relaxing candle lit bath. Teamed with spotlights, they will add an extra dimension to a usually fairly small and compact space – plus if your cabinet is illuminated, there is no risk of using someone else’s toothbrush!

For most people, the living room is a family space where everyone can get together and watch TV or talk about their day. Living room lighting is important. No one likes the big light on and lamps and wall lights can create a cosier feel. High floor lamps are popular, there are some stunning designs using LED bulbs available. From bulky and retro to sleek and traditional, there are hundreds to choose from. However, trying something different is always a good thing. If you like a modern, futuristic look (think pops of colour and metallic) then there are plenty of funky LED options you can choose from.

LED lighting has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. The range of different designs means that you can save money on your bills and create the right kind of ambience for your home.

Interiors: Stylish LED Lighting to Suit your Home

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