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Fitness Gear for Father’s Day for under £50

My husband is a late convert to exercise. Like many of us he was put off sport and fitness at school. As a result it’s taken him 20 years to put on some fitness gear and get off the sofa. In fairness to him he’s remarkably sporty now. In the last couple of years he’s taken part in Born Survivor (one of those military style races where they roll you in mud and make you crawl under barbed wire). He’s taken up Kettlebells, then had to give that up due to a dodgy elbow and now he’s joined a running group. 

We’re keen to encourage his sportiness, partly because he really enjoys it and partly because it gets him out from under our feet for a few hours a week. With Father’s Day approaching we thought that giving him some new fitness gear would be a nice supportive gesture.

We thought we’d treat him to a new pair of shorts, a couple of new tops and some running socks. But is it possible to get some decent fitness gear with a budget of just £50? 

We checked out the DW Sports website and found that we could find good quality running gear to suit budgets both large and small. We were pleased to be able to almost entirely him kit out so that he looks the part when he meets with his weekly running club.

Fitness Gear for Father's Day for under £50

The New Balance t-shirt in heather is £14 (currently reduced from £22) it is lightweight and made from moisture wicking fabric (which takes the sweat off you body and dries quickly). It also has an antimicrobial treatment which resists odours and skims the body, so it’s not too tight and is comfortable to wear.

Fitness Gear for Father's Day for under £50

It’s always good to have a couple of running tops to choose from, so we also bought this colourful Puma Core Run t-shirt in bright plasma (£12). Again this is a lightweight material, it’s moisture wicking and comfortable. It’s also very, very bright. Much brighter that it appears on the website. It may be bright, but it does make it ideal to wear when running down the road when the evening light is fading.

My husband lives in shorts for about 8 months a year, but he does have a selection of shorts he wears for exercise. With new running tops, he needs new running shorts, so we chose the Nike Dri-Fit Academy Knit Shorts (£15.99) in a lovely shade of blue and white which will go with almost anything. Again they’re made with moisture wicking fabric, Nike call it “Dri-Fit Technology”. They’re a nice length, not too short or too long and they have an elasticated waist which makes them comfortable to exercise in.

Fitness Gear for Father's Day for under £50

Last but by no means least, we got him some new running socks. I learned long ago that normal socks are no good for running in, not only do they wear out pretty quickly, but they often slip down your foot causing blisters and other problems. We went for a two pack of Sof Sole running socks (£7.99). Made from a Polyester material, with moisture management technology these socks are ideal for anyone racking up the miles, these specially designed running socks minimise movement and friction. 

So for a fraction under £50 we’ve kitted him out ready for his running club. We think he looks really smart. He feels really comfortable and the small boy thinks he’s nailed his Father’s Day presents for this year. And he’s right. 

We’re really impressed with DW Sports. We ordered the products on Friday, they arrived early on Monday and delivery is free when you spend over £40. It’s all brand named products at what I felt were very reasonable prices. This new fitness gear will make a great Father’s Day present for our fit Dad!

We were sent these products for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

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Family Fitness: 5 reasons why your kids should get into golf

One of the fun things we like to do as a family is play crazy golf. Crazy golf is a fun, entry-level introduction to the sport and is something we can all play together. Our family is a rag-tag bunch of fitness and ability levels, but we can all happily enjoy a round of crazy golf.

We like to expose our son to lots of different experiences and hope that he finds something he really enjoys doing. At the moment he plays football and goes swimming. We occasionally take him horse riding, to play tennis and for the occasional round of crazy golf. Should he declare an interest in taking part in any of these sports, or indeed any new ones, then we would encourage and support him all the way.

Family Fitness: 5 reasons why your kids should get into golf

Five reasons why Kids should get into golf

  1. Everyone can play golf. When you’re playing golf you don’t need to be tall, strong or fast or lean. Successful golfers come in all shapes, sizes and ages.
  2. It’s low-risk. The chances of picking up an injury playing golf is virtually non-existent compared to contact sports like football or rugby. Being no-contact, golf is a very safe, respectful sport.
  3. It’s healthy. Golf is a great sport which gives your child the chance to be outside in the fresh air, enjoying the outdoors.
  4. Golf can help to create bonds with friends & family! Whether your child plays golf with family members, friends or takes lessons with a golf pro, mentoring and playing together will help to create close bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.
  5. Your child will learn important life lessons. Playing golf your child will experience highs and lows, from the first hole-in-one or birdie to a misplaced shot in a bunker. Golf will teach your child that though we can’t always win, we always have another shot in life and skill comes with practice.

Whatever sport your children choose to play; it’s all great for building their confidence, helping them understand team work and all sport helps to build and maintain their fitness levels. There are five good reasons to get into golf. 

OnlineGolf stock a full range of golfing equipment and accessories. 

We were sent a goodie bag in return for this blog post.