Winter Wonderland at Whinfell – our little festive holiday

We’ve just got back from Center Parcs and I can confirm an excellent time was had by all. Since Splodge appeared on the scene three years ago we’ve been eagerly anticipating the time when he was old enough to appreciate the festivication of Center Parcs; the lights in the trees; Christmassy activities; meeting and chatting with Father Christmas. This year was our chance, so in August we booked it; four delicious nights in the Whinfell village, we couldn’t wait.

When we first started going to Center Parcs around 8 years ago, we had stacks of disposable income. We were young(ish) with decent(ish) jobs, earning ok(ish) money. Since then we’ve added Splodge to our ranks; Hodge’s business has taken a knock during the economic downturn and I’ve quit my old, miserable, but fairly well paid job in search of self-employed happiness.

This means that from now on our holidays and leisure activities need to be more budget than barnstorming. With this in mind we set to work figuring out how to have an amazing time without spending an awful lot. I confess there were somewhat mixed results with this, but if you’re going, you might learn from our mistakes.

The secret to saving money or not spending it in the first place is planning. We formulated a two-pronged attack. I was responsible for meal planning and catering and I was responsible choosing which would be the most fun activities with the best fun-to-cost ratio. Hodge was responsible for paying for it and remembering to put all the holiday food in the car before we left. Remember that.

Center Parcs does indeed have it’s own little supermarket, most of the products are reasonably priced and in line with maybe Tesco, but in this house we run on an Aldi budget. The plan was to stock up on staples at home and buy fresh fruit and veg etc there.

The night before we left I sent Hodge to Aldi with a perfectly detailed list of essentials which he dutifully bought. These essential essentials were neatly packed in a bag ready for popping in the car before we left. I was to pack up a few fresh things that were floating around our home kitchen, such as bread and milk before we left that morning, which I did do. Jobs-a-good’un.

The flaw to this plan, and I suspect you’ve already picked up on it, was that the large bag of essential foodstuffs bought especially for our holiday was left beautifully packed at home. Meaning that on arrival we had to re-purchase said foodstuffs at the ok-but-slightly-more-than-we’d-normally-pay prices. Kerching!

If you’ve got kids then the secret to a budget-friendly break at Center Parcs is the exotically named “Subtropical Paradise” or “swimming pool” as we call it. If you can tear yourselves away from the pool-side cafes and state of the art cabanas, then you can while away a few hours each day enjoying the waves, rapids, canyon rides and water slides. This was the key to our masterplan and by jingo it worked!

Splodge loved it, we all loved it. There was a little something for each of us. I got to swim properly in a small roped off area. Hodge the ageing adrenalin junkie loved the rides and slides and Splodge liked bobbing up and down in the waves and pouring buckets of water over my head. You could really easily spend the day here.

During the “winter wonderland” season at Center Parcs they have a twice weekly firework display. I’m not a massive fireworks fan, but it was free, it would be Splodge’s first display and I’d heard good things about it. I am a tough-cookie to please when it comes to fireworks, but these were lovely. There were lots of oohs and aahs from the watching crowds and the look on Splodge’s face just about says it all. Totally worth the £3.95 each for a mulled wine and mince pie while we waited at the pub.

winter wonderland center parcs

Ok, so we did massively push the boat out on an absolutely non-negotiable part of the break. Hodge and I wanted, needed, insisted upon having a spa session together, which meant Splodge needed to be put in the crèche (or go to a brilliant party, which is how I sold it to him). Together our three hours of spa-bliss and a crèche place cost almost £100 but by-heck it was worth it and really much cheaper than having individual treatments. Honest.

Lastly in terms of forking out for fun we booked two things which we thought he’d love. The first was “Woodland Tails” which was brilliant; we had a walk through the woods with a ranger who then took us back to the Rangers Lodge to meet a polecat, a hedgehog and a very tame and beautiful tawny owl. Splodge loved it and it was worth every penny.

Our second toddler activity was a visit to meet Father Christmas. Priced at £10 we thought this was actually really good value for money. You could explore Santa’s Workshop before going in to meet the man himself, you had a nice chat with him, got a pretty decent present and your picture taken, all included in the price. His workshop was located in a beautiful winter wonderland which we spent a few hours exploring.

After this we all felt incredibly festive and it was worth going to Center Parcs for just for that experience.

Center Parcs is littered with playgrounds and is incredibly bike friendly. You could easily get away with not booking for any activities at all, there are a few free things around the village, trim-trails and so forth to keep you occupied. Or you could just spend your time bouncing from one Starbucks to another.

We do really love Center Parcs and I think as Splodge gets older we’ll start giving him a small activity budget so he can decide what he wants to try or do. We can’t wait to go back, we’re going to book a return visit for the spring and hopefully this time Hodge will remember to pack the food.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t the bargain-basement break we were after, but it was the slightly more expensive but brilliant holiday we needed, and that’s what counts. See you in the spring Center Parcs!

I’ve also had a separate article on our holiday published on the Mums & Dads Magazine website. Read it here.

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  1. We love Center Parcs at Christmas, we’ve been for the last few years and I love all the extra bits. Our only problem now is that my son has now started school and the prices during the holidays are too expensive for us, I’m glad that we made the most of going during term time! We manage to visit without any extras as there is plenty to do (okay, I have had a couple of spa trips, it’s wonderful!)

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