Coffee Mourning – my month without caffeine

cappuccinoA couple of weeks ago I blogged about me quitting coffee, tea and diet coke for a month to see if it’ll make a difference to the colour of my teeth, I thought it was about time for a catch up, so here’s how the last couple of weeks have gone.

I was a serious diet coke addict; I’d drink a couple of pints a day, easily. On top of that there were the four or so cups of coffee a day and the odd cup of tea when I fancied it. Looking at that written down, that’s quite a habit.

The first week was not easy at all. I was addicted to caffeine and I got the usual headache that goes with quitting caffeine. I had a stonking headache for 6 days, these kind of headaches are for some baffling reason (a Doctor told me) impervious to painkillers. Awful.

I soon realised my life was essentially propped up by caffeine and within 48 hours of stopping I could hardly keep my eyes open. I kept nodding off, it was awful. Admittedly my pain medication which makes me sleepy at the best of times wasn’t helping, but that first week was nothing short of hell.

I’m at the end of week two now. I’m sleepy but not nodding off like I was last week. I’m missing my favourite drinks. I’ve replaced them with lemon squash and hot chocolate when I need a hot drink. It’s not too bad really. I’m feeling ok about the next couple of weeks without coffee, tea and diet coke.

But, is it making my teeth whiter? I think so, not dramatically, not Hollywood white, but they are definitely less stained. I’m happy with how things are going and it’ll be interesting to properly compare my teeth once the month is up.

Disclaimer: Oasis Dental Care have sent me a pack of goodies including toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss and chewing gum as a thank you for documenting my quitting coffee journey.

4 responses to “Coffee Mourning – my month without caffeine

  1. I wonder about this. I’ve been better and worse in terms of my caffeine consumption. At the moment, I’m on one filter coffee/cappuccino/latte a day, or a couple of diet cokes but there have been times when I’ve managed three or four coffees plus the coke in the past.

    I cut right down when I was pregnant with my son and I might even have entirely cut it out – after that I find it a lot harder to have more than the one a day, or maybe two if I am really struggling.

    I do get bad caffeine withdrawal though if I don’t have any at all – a nasty headache that I just can’t shake, even after having caffeine. That’s bad enough!

    • I honestly never realised how addicted I was, I think I was very like you, but as a parent sometimes you need a pick-me-up to get you through the day. I can’t wait to go back to it, though I’ll have less than I used to. Reduction rather than elimination seems the logical way forward 🙂

  2. Good on you!! I drii k 8-10 cups a day (possibly more on a bad day!) But kid myself because its instant and not proper coffee it doesn’t count. I really should try and cut down but as soon as the caffeine withdrawal symptoms start to kick in that’s it!! But I eat fairly healthy, rarely drink alcohol or fizzy pop and don’t smoke so I guess its my only bad habit! Keep going and well done!

    • Ugh, the withdrawal is awful but lasts a maximum of 6 days apparently, so I’ve been through that now. Like you coffee is (was) a rare pleasure in a largely healthy life. To be honest I can’t wait to go back to the brew 🙂

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