Coffee Mourning – Quitting Coffee for 30 Days

cappuccino Hello, my name’s Jane and I’m a coffee addict.

It’s not like I roll out of bed and my first thought is COFFEE, but it’s not far off that. I will drink instant, but my weakness is really good filter coffee, or a cappuccino if I fancy a coffee with a bit of foamy frippery. But for the next 30 days I’m quitting. I’m quitting to see if I can cope without it and I’m quitting to see if it’ll make a difference to the colour of my coffee stained teeth.

This is going to be a real test for me as I’m giving up tea and my precious diet coke too. It’s going to be a tough month, missing out on all my favourite drinks and essentially going caffeine free for 30 days. I’m not doing it alone, the Oasis Dental Care team have sent me a pack of dental products to keep me going as well as a motivational message (go get em tiger!).

I’m pretty excited (and slightly terrified) about this, I suspect giving up coffee, tea and diet coke will do more to me than make my teeth a prettier shade. So who knows what I’ll be like in 30 days, watch this space!

yellow teeth

Will they get whiter?

Disclaimer: Oasis Dental Care have sent me a pack of goodies including toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss and chewing gum as a thank you for documenting my quitting coffee journey.

9 responses to “Coffee Mourning – Quitting Coffee for 30 Days

  1. Adventures in Home Schooling

    I stopped drinking coffee and replaced it with chai latte – slightly better for you and very tasty. Good luck

  2. I so wish I could do this with you. I drink far to much coffee

  3. Think I am totally addicted to coffee as can’t contemplate getting through the morning without it! But wish you luck.

  4. How are you getting on? Hope it’s got easier

  5. Hi,

    How’s it going? I think you’re very brave.

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