Positive Thinking – 10 good things about me

Low self esteem sucks. So I’ve decided to write down what is good about me, a little bit of positive thinking never did anyone any harm, and for me forms part of my daily self care routine. Focus on the positives and less on what I think is bad. How’s that for real positive thinking?

I am funny and quite quick witted.
I am creative and can think on my feet.
I am a good mum.
I am a good friend.
I am very caring, I love to nurture and take care of people.
I have nice, dark, soulful eyes.
I have a good pair of boobs.
I have decent legs.
I am brave and stronger than I give myself credit for.
I know I can and will survive what life throws at me.

I know I could write a list of negatives more than twice the length of this little list, but today is all about the positivity.

Remember, you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

Positive thinking

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7 responses to “Positive Thinking – 10 good things about me

  1. lovely. i love a bit of positivity 😉 have to disagree with you on 2 points tho, you are a BRILLIANT mum and a WONDERFUL friend imo x

  2. ElizabethElizabeth

    I’m plagued with low self esteem too. Despite all the positive feedback I get I am my own worst critic! I should do a positive list too. Hope you have a lovely day! 🙂

  3. unprepared mother

    What a great idea, I too suffer from a severe lack of positivity mentally, much as I try to be positive on the outside I am my own worst critic giving myself an internal bashing far too often. I think perhaps I should take a positive page out of your book (…blog…)

  4. What a good exercise to do. We sometimes sell ourselves way too short and forget the positive things about ourselves.

  5. This really touched a chord with me and reminded me that I need to do the positive check list more. I was doing it all the time during the depressive episode just gone yet never believed it, and now it’s lifted I’m not bothering. silly me.


  6. I wish I can tell how much this helps me. Thank you. #MBPW

  7. Great idea! Glad it helps you to write it down too x

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