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Review: Helpful cleaning services from Helpling.co.uk

We’ve been without a cleaner for about a year now. We’ve haphazardly tried to tackle this much hated chore by ourselves, but for some months now I’ve shuffled around the house trying not to look too carefully at the dusty corners and the dirty marks on the walls. A couple of times a year we like to properly blitz the place, one of these times is before the Christmas tree goes up. So this week we bit the bullet and booked four hours of cleaning services through Helpling.co.uk.

It was ridiculously easy to book cleaning services through Helpling. You just enter your details and a shortlist of potential cleaners pops up. You then go though and vet them, so if you’ve got a dog and there’s a cleaner who doesn’t like pets you can strike them off your list. This takes a couple of minutes, tops. Once you’ve got your shortlist, just pick the time and day you want them to come, click submit and wait for one of your shortlisted cleaners to accept the job. Simple.

Review: No Hassle cleaning services from Hassle.com

Within 15 minutes of clicking submit I had a cleaner accept my job and Helpling emailed me to confirm everything. They’d taken my bank details so no cash needed to exchange hands on the day. Perfect.

I had a tidy up a declutter before Elizabeth my cleaner arrived. Having a six year old means my house often resembles a toy assault course, so I think it’s only polite to have a tidy up. I got a box of cleaning products for her, with some gloves and cloths and waited for her to arrive.

Elizabeth was really professional. She arrived on time and was really lovely. I gave her a tour of the house, outlined what I’d like her to do and I just left her to it. I sat working in my office as she quietly cleaned my house. 

Review: No Hassle cleaning services from Hassle.com

After the four hours were up I went to chat to her and have a look at how she’d got on. Everything I’d asked her to do she had done, she’d even cleaned things I’d stopped noticing, like my kitchen bin. I think all cleaners are different and have slightly different things they like to focus on. I was very happy with her work and I think my house looked about 300% better for having her visit. 

I think Helpling.co.uk offer a really easy to use, well priced service. For a one off clean (which I had) it was £12 per hour, with no booking fees or extras added on top. If you book a regular weekly or fortnightly clean it is £10 per hour. 

We really miss having a regular cleaner, so once New Year swings around we will be turning to Helpling for some extra help around the home.

Helpling.co.uk is the leading online marketplace for cleaning services. It’s incredibly simple to book one of their vetted and approved cleaners and it really is no hassle at all.

We received a complimentary clean, but all opinions are our own and we will be making a regular booking in the New Year.