The 10 Apps That Could Save Your Christmas

Smartphones have made our lives so much more convenient. They might often feel like weights in our pockets, but considering they have only been part of mainstream society for just over a decade, their usefulness and ubiquity is such that we now couldn’t possibly imagine our lives without them.

They can be particularly useful, in fact, at that time of year when we all have to organise about a thousand things at once: Christmas. As well as being the most “wonderful” time of the year, the festive season can also feel like the most stressful time of the year. To help you sort your turkeys from your tinsel and keep a cool head this Christmas, try these handy apps on for size.


Sending Christmas cards to everyone we’ve ever even shared a conversation with can be one of the most stressful aspects of Christmas. For your close friends and family, however, you’ll want something a little more special. This is where Moonpig comes in. Highly customisable cards allow you to add your own pictures and text to create the perfect, bespoke card for your loved ones.


Like a digital Moonpig, JibJab allows you to create hilarious videos featuring your friends and family. These digital cards are a perfect alternative to traditional paper cards if your loved ones are more digitally inclined. Also, think of all the money you’ll save on stamps!

The 10 Apps That Could Save Your Christmas

Santa Tracker

A little bit of fun. The original Santa Tracker app was actually developed by North American Aerospace Defence Command and allows you and your kids to track Santa’s annual global delivery run. Now there are numerous versions available for both iOS and Android, most of which are completely free.

Parcel 2 Go

A delivery comparison site that allows you to check how much different couriers (such as DPD, UPS and even Royal Mail) will charge to deliver your item. Absolutely ideal if you’re shipping gifts to family and friends long-distance. It also covers international deliveries!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

With the new movies arrives in cinemas as we speak, it’s the perfect time to rediscover the classic Doctor Seuss novel in all its glory. In app form, the story is animated in a glorious story-book style and will almost certainly keep the young’uns busy whilst you wrap their presents.

Simple Secret Santa Generator

If you’ve been charged with creating a secret Santa list for your office or circle of friends, this handy little app will take all of the worry out of the job. Add users with their associated phone numbers and email addresses and be informed that they have read the message so you KNOW that they know who they got this year and you can’t be held accountable if it all goes wrong.

Gift Plan

Losing track of the gifts you have and haven’t bought? This planner is the ideal solution, allowing you to create profiles for each recipient and plan accordingly. This app isn’t just for Christmas either, as it can be used all-year-round to plan Birthday and anniversary presents too!

Elf Yourself

If you really don’t have the time to send out individual cards this year, consider this handy little app. Just add the faces of your loved ones and share the resulting video on social media.

Christmas Radio

Unless your work in retail (and have to spend all day every day listening to them) you’re probably going to want to spend the season indulging in your favourite festive tunes. No longer do you need to rifle through your old NOW That’s What I Call Christmas collections, as there’s one app that plays nothing but festive tunes. Just make sure you avoid this one if you’re playing Whamageddon!


One to consider for next year. This app allows you to manage your money and (as it says on the tin) squirrel away little bits of money to pay for Christmas. It’s run by Barclays and works automatically once you’ve set it up so you don’t get tempted to dip into the pot a month or two early!

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