5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Photography

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When run write a blog, you’ll know that it’s more than just the written content that matters. Photographs are so important- they bring your articles to life and tend to be what initially grabs readers attention when scouring your site. Making your pictures the best they can be will improve your engagement and lead to more people reading your content. Here are some ideas for going about it. 

Go on a course

One of the best ways to improve your photography is to get some professional guidance. You don’t have to go back to college for years to learn (unless you want to!) as there are lots of great shorter courses that are fun to get involved in and can give you a ton of great pointers. These are usually held in small groups with a tutor, you can expect to learn about the functions and basics of your DSLR camera as well as things like lighting, composition and some creative techniques you can practice. You’ll then go out and take photos where you’ll be given guidance as well as feedback on the photos you take. 

river cottage

Consider a photography holiday

Once you’ve grasped the basics and want to challenge yourself, your next step will be finding interesting new things to photograph. Photography holidays can be great for this, they allow you to broaden your horizons and practice taking photos of lots of different things on one trip- from scenery to animals to exciting new foods and much more. 

Create a mini studio

I some (or all) of your blog photography involves taking photos of products, then this will require a slightly different setup. You could look into a softbox, or create a mini photography studio in the corner of a room with a mini white table against a white wall or backdrop. Play around with different props for shallow focus photography and flatlays which will make your pictures look more interesting. You could invest in some lighting, or just play around with lamps and things that you already have to get the effects you’re looking for. 

Get familiar with photo editing software

No matter how good you are with your camera, there are always a few edits needed to make any picture the best it can be. So getting used to photo editing software is important. Some pictures might just require the brightness and saturation increasing, others you might want to take on a more graphic element and get creative with editing. Software like Photoshop can be difficult to learn, but there are lots of online courses that explain how each tool works from the beginning. 


Finally, as with anything- practice makes perfect! Get your camera out and just enjoy snapping pictures. Take photos of all kinds of subjects, even ones you don’t plan on using on your blog. It will help you to understand how the camera works and the different techniques you can utilise. It will generally allow you to become more comfortable and apt at taking the shots you want to take. 

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