How You Can Add a Touch Of You To The Home

It is not, in fact, all that difficult to create a home that’s aesthetically pleasing. After all, there are a million and one interior decor magazines and websites on hand to help you have a home that’s a dream to look at. Though as much as it might seem good, it won’t be “you” exactly, will it? This is more difficult, since the only one who can make the space feel like you is, well, you! But it’s not impossible. We take a look at a few options for stamping your personality on your property below.

Get Crafty

You could kit your home out with beautiful decorations in an afternoon if you wanted to. You could just drive down to a home department store, head to the decorative aisle, and pick out some faux statues and works of art. Whoosh! Job done. But then, there’s the old problem – it’s a bit impersonal. To make your home feel like yours, then why not get crafty yourself? If you have a talent for, say, painting or photograph, then hang up some of your work on the wall. It’s always a more interesting conversation starter with guests than anything you can buy, too.

painting tiles

Travels and Adventures

You lived a full and rich life before you bought your house. Don’t keep those memories tucked away in a corner of your mind, or in a box in the attic. Bring them out to the open! If you’ve got souvenirs, photographs, and the like from your travels, put them on display. If you’re living with your partner, then your wall can be a canvas for a celebration of your love. When guests visit, they’ll be walking through the living museum of your life…and what could be more magical than that?

Add Your Own Furniture

Putting your own spin on your furniture is easier than most people realise. All you need to have is a touch of enthusiasm and some basic equipment. For your tables and chairs, find used pieces, add some chalk paint, and you’ve got a custom piece, created by you. Easy! You can do with chairs too. Go hunting for an antique reading chair, add some upholstery foam, and you’ll have a place to sit that is more than just a place to sit – it’ll have a story. Leave the mass-produced furnishings behind, and go your own way!

In Your Own Design

How do YOU want to live? It’s a good question to ask. When it comes to designing your home, start with a blank slate. Don’t just follow other people’s advice – go your own way. You may inspire others!

Your Passions

Finally, add your passions. They don’t have to be a muted part of your life. You can bring them front and centre! If you love, say, cycling or playing the guitar, then hang them up on the wall. There are always subtle ways to present your passions around your home. Plus, it’s nice to be surrounded by the things you love!

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