Adding the Final Touches to Your Wedding Day

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When you’ve booked the venue and finalised all the big details of your wedding, it’s time to focus on the smaller details, which are often just as important in celebrating your big day. These can be the things you will remember most if you get them right.


For professional wedding firework displays Kent, Ghengis Fireworks are a great option. There’s no need to worry about the logistics, such as setting off the fireworks or informing the local authorities. Ghengis take care of that, and their prices start at just £600. However, you will have to confirm with the venue that they’re okay with the display taking place.

A firework display makes a perfect end to a (hopefully) perfect day, and even if things haven’t gone exactly to plan, people rarely notice the small hiccups. The part they will notice and remember is the fantastic display that rounds off your big day.

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You can usually purchase catering and your venue the evening do as a package. However, if you want to save money, it might work out cheaper to arrange and pay for these separately, if you don’t mind shopping around. You could also bake some treats, or get a friend to do this, instead of a wedding present. The important thing is, to make sure everyone is catered for, and they all enjoy the food.

A photo booth and props

If you want your wedding memories to stand out, you could hire a photo booth and include props for your guests to dress up in silly outfits, wigs and accessories. You may still want to hire a photographer for the more traditional photos, and of course, the actual wedding. But you can make your evening pictures stand out from other newlyweds, with fun photos taken in the photo booth.

The entertainment

Most people have a DJ at the wedding, but if you want to do something different, there are lots of other possibilities. You could hire a local comedian to perform. Alternatively, you could book a palm reader, if you and you and your guests would enjoy this. If you prefer being active, you could hire out a mini-golf venue instead. Or if your venue is outdoors and children are attending, why not rent a bouncy castle to keep them entertained?

Getting the children involved

If you have children, or a lot of your guests do, you could get them involved in your wedding. Those whose parents you’re closest to could be bridesmaids and pageboys. Also, if you have an afternoon or early evening celebration, you could have a children’s table, and even hire a magician or other entertainment to occupy them. Of course, you and the adult guests could enjoy this too.

It’s true that weddings take a lot of planning. While it’s understandable that you want to plan everything in great detail, when you’ve made all the arrangements, try to relax. The main goal is to enjoy your day, and that means letting go a little.

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