Holidays: Budgeting in Alicante

Warm, welcoming and packed with things to see and do, Alicante is an excellent destination for families. However, like many summer holiday destinations, the expenses can soon rack up. If you’ve already bought your Alicante flights, are willing to have a shorter stay and plan to avoid using taxis, you can stay there for a lot less than you think once you’ve flown out.

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Taking public transport

As mentioned just now, one of the best ways to save money in the city is to use the public transport, which is superb and can take you outside of the more touristy areas. When you arrive at Alicante’s massive El Altet airport, take the SuBus connection (service C6) to the city centre. It should take around 30 minutes and cost around 2 Euros. If you take a taxi, it will cost about 15 Euros.

After you’ve settled in your hotel, stick with the public transport. The buses are very regular, and for the local tram service, while a little slower, you can buy special tickets that allow for up to 30 trips for a set fee. If you really don’t have a lot of money, walking is a very inexpensive alternative!

Where to eat

Some of the cheapest places to eat are the local bars, and some of the ones run by English expats offer deals like an English breakfast for less than 3 Euros. Head there in the morning for a full breakfast that will set you up until lunchtime.

Traditional Spanish bars serve inexpensive tapas, but if you want cheap food in a hurry, the local markets always have cheap cafes, or sell basics like bread, cheese and olives, so you can make up a quick picnic. The Old Town, which is where many of the locals like to eat, serves a three-course menu del día, which can cost less than 10 Euros and often includes a glass of wine!

What to do

The Castillo de Santa Bárbara is a fortification that dates back to the Moorish times, and is home to caverns and courtyards which are occupied by the city museum, MUSA, and cost nothing to visit.

Alternatively, you can visit the Santa Cruz quarter, an ancient district that dates back to the medieval times and is full of lovely little cottages, gardens. The quarter leads to the much newer Parque de la Ereta, a beautiful park that features fountains and sculptures.

Check out what local events are on, as Alicante has some inexpensive music festivals that take place during the year, such as the aptly-named Low Cost Festival, a music festival, which offers tickets from 40 Euros.

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Image by Nesimo, used under CC license

Alicante is a beautiful place, but that doesn’t mean it should cost you the earth. So, whether you’re staying for three days or three weeks, make sure that after you’ve booked your Alicante flights, you know how to save yourself some money!

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  1. Love Alicante, if you are near the port and want to cool down the Volvo Ocean Race museum is worth a visit.

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