How To Get Your Child More Motivated For School

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School. It’s not the first place our kids want to rush to, is it? Especially when they just wake up! Half the battle is dragging them out of bed, then pulling them away from their favourite toys, and it doesn’t stop till you have to wave them goodbye at the school gate, just to see their disappointed faces. It’s vital that we keep our children motivated for school, for the benefit of their health and education. However, for parents, it’s a daily struggle to get your little ones happy for school. Keep reading to learn some great tips for a better morning.

Make sure they get enough sleep the night before

We’re going to start off with the most important one on the list! Ensuring your child gets enough shut-eye is essential for their overall health, positivity and energy levels throughout the day. If they feel tired, they’re more likely to be in a negative mood; meaning more tantrums and crying sessions. The amount of sleep they get also has a huge effect on their immune system. Less sleep means a higher chance of getting ill, resulting in time off school, which we don’t want to see as parents. Establish a suitable bedtime routine and stick to it!

Prepare their lunch box in advance

Ask your little ones what they would like in their lunch the night before. This gets them thinking about the next day. Let them have a go at preparing it too and tell them to include some treats of their own! It could be a chocolate bar, a piece of cake, a frozen yoghurt or a selection of their favourite sweets. This gives them something to look forward to in the morning and a quick sugar boost during the day. Don’t forget to pack healthy food too; make it a fruit salad or a sneaky vegetable with their sandwich.

Ensure Breakfast time is top priority

For our children, breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. Not only does it make them feel less cranky, but it improves their performance at school. Their concentration is better, memory skills are increased and they can do more active sports without getting as fatigued. Most schools can provide breakfast for children, if you haven’t found the perfect one already, visit for a fresh look. Whether they’re bored of the same old breakfast or you’re just stuck for ideas, check out Facebook pages like Tasty Junior for wonderful tips. Breakfast time also gives the opportunity to spend quality time together. Sit down with your little ones and have a light conversation, they love your attention the most!

Give them something to look forward to

There’s no denying that school can get monotonous sometimes. Even the most avid school goers among us admit that the 100th Maths lesson gets mundane. Whether it’s after school or during the weekend, plan something fun for the kids! This is a key way to better your child’s motivation. Something like a garden project in your very own backyard, or even a baking activity, will get your child thinking about something other than school.

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