Common Birds To Spot In Your Garden This Summer

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Summer is a wonderful time of year which is full of vibrancy and life of all kinds. The garden becomes a paradise during the summer months and often we see so much more wildlife than we ever would have in the winter. 

Today we wanted to take a look at some of the common birds which you might encounter in your garden this year, so go to Little Peckers and get some treats ready to go! 

Common Birds To Spot In Your Garden This Summer


The robin is a common bird with a stunning red breast and it is a common sight all year long in the UK. Robins are curious birds and you can usually get them to come pretty close to you if you sit outside for long enough! 

Collared Dove

The collared dove is often thought of as another pigeon but it is a much more quiet and subdued mannered bird. The collared dove is a greyish pink colour with a black collar around the neck and it is a bird which you will often see hanging around in groups. 

Great Tit

The great tit is the largest of the tit family and it is a beautiful looking creature. With stark yellow and grey on its coat, you will be able to enjoy these in small groups of 2-4 usually in the garden. They are easy to spot with both the eyes and the ears because they have a very distinctive call. 


With a bright red face and yellow wings, it is no wonder that you would love to see these little guys in your garden this year. Sunshine and seed attracts these fellows and you will soon have a garden brimming with life. 


The chaffinch is the second most common bird in the UK and it has some beautiful bright colours on its feathers. You will usually see chaffinches in groups and they are very social birds. 

Wood pigeon

The wood pigeon is the most common pigeon in the country and it is one which is a regular site in gardens everywhere. A rich purple and grey coloured bird, this big blundering feathered friend will be a regular in your garden. These guys can be a little bit dim sometimes but they are friendly birds who will always come to say hello. 


Ten guesses what colour this bird is… Of course, the name gives it away and Male blackbirds are black with orange eyes and an orange beak, females are brown. Blackbirds are intelligent and if they know you are feeding them often, they will come back for more and they may even on day eat out of your hand if you try hard enough. 


Starlings are a bird you cannot miss because once you see one, you’ll see a whole group. Usually starlings will visit your garden in groups of 10-20 and they will enjoy flicking back time and time again. These birds have a beautiful black and purple coat with white speckles, which makes them look like the night sky filled with stars. 

Blue Tit

When you think of a British bird this is likely one of the first to come to mind. Blue tits have a stunning colour of blue and yellow and they are friendly birds who will always come and feed on seed in the garden. 

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