Europe’s top family friendly luxury resorts

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A holiday in a luxury resort can be just the thing to help an entire family mellow out and relax. There’s great service, magnificent weather, and unforgettable experiences at these kinds of destinations, helping all members forget about the toils of work and school. Of course, some resorts are better than others.

Which is the best to visit? Can a luxury resort truly be accessible to all, and if so, which luxury family holidays can you simply not miss out on?

Consequently, here’re Europe’s top family friendly luxury resorts.

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Baglioni Resort Cala del Porto, Italy

Located in Italy, Baglioni Resort Cala del Porto is conveniently nestled a mere 2 hours away from both Rome and Florence. This heightens the appeal greatly, as many resorts can be tucked away and isolated in the middle of nowhere. Having such great nearby connections means that if one day you want to go out exploring, you certainly can! After all, Italy is a mainstay on many holiday hotlists, so it’s definitely worth the visit.

There’s fun for the whole family here too. The kids can enjoy a host of activities from sailing to exciting excursions, while also being able to partake in the summer kids club which comes with its own set of goings-on. Meanwhile, the parents can immerse themselves in tennis, yoga, golf, or enjoy the pleasures of a state-of-the-art beauty salon. Want a break from the kids? An affordable babysitting service is available, leaving you and your partner to hit the bar and enjoy some leisure time.

Verdura Resort, Sicily

Like the Baglioni Resort Cala del Porto, Verdura Resort is conveniently located; 75 minutes from Palermo Airport, and close to the historic town of Sciacca. Once again, you’d be situated in a spot that has great offerings in the nearby surroundings; including quaint little villages and stunning, sweeping beaches.

Verdura Resort also has one of the biggest pools that Europe currently has to offer, measuring at a whopping 60m. Therefore, you and your family are guaranteed some fun times in the pool without it being too crowded. To top it all off, an award-winning spar also features, alongside kids’ clubs for 4 to 12-year olds and a counterpart for teens aged 14 to 16.  Everyone has something to keep them busy in the resort and out.

Salema Beach Village, Portugal

Salema Beach Village is quaint, tranquil and a picturesque area for all lucky enough to visit. Perfectly flanked by some of the most gorgeous beaches and oceans in the world, as well as the one of a kind Salema village, there’re numerous opportunities for adventure and exploration here. A free shuttle will take you into the serene village, so you can get out and about with no fuss.

The great appeal of Salema Beach Village though is all the included perks if you have kids in tow. They get a full daily breakfast, a pool to be shared with the other kids, and bedrooms that are creatively decorated in fun and thematic ways. The villa is teeming with toys too, so they’ll simply never run out of things to do!

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