Top Tips for Family Road Trips 

It’s just you, the car, your family and the open road – what could possibly go wrong? Very possibly, quite a lot, here are some top tips for successful family road trips.

Everyone has been there at some point. The long-awaited family holiday is finally here, the kids are more than just a little bit excited, dad is working out the best route (he doesn’t need to ask for directions, of course) and mum is playing the role of peacekeeper. Fairly standard stuff.

It is part and parcel of any family holiday. To be somewhere, you have first got to get somewhere. Thankfully, here are some tips that we are sure you will find more than helpful as you settle in for the ride.

Top Tips for Family Road Trips 

Consider Your Route

To allow for as smooth a journey as possible, try to map out a route that will have as little delay as possible. The shortest route is not necessarily the quickest, especially if that route involves going out onto busy congested roads that are prone to traffic jams. No one likes sitting in traffic for hours on end, not the driver and especially not the children.

Take into consideration what time you begin your journey, as this can also make a massive difference to your journey time. Obviously, if you are setting off during rush hour you can expect a far more congested road than if you started your journey at night or early in the morning.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of accidents occur during the morning and evening rush hours, however, noon is statistically the most dangerous time to be on the road.


To get your family holiday off to the best start possible, it is essential that everyone is as comfortable as possible. This means checking that your vehicle’s interior is up to scratch, the air conditioning is working and any other essentials are included.

It might be worth looking into car hire for your family, especially if you are staying away for a prolonged period of time. If your holiday will involve a lot of travelling, taking the steps to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible will take away a lot of stress that can be caused.

Also be sure to factor in comfort breaks into your journey. Most children will not be able to last more than a couple of hours without needing to use the toilet, and it is also not advisable to drive for more than two hours without at least taking a small break.


Have you ever been on a long journey without any form of entertainment? No radio, no music whatsoever, and not even any mobile signal…boring! If you are unsure as to how you would cope, just imagine what it must be like for children. Little ones become bored very easily, and if they are bored they are going to let you know about, which is the last thing you need when driving for long periods.

Bring along some of the kids’ favourite toys, within reason, of course. Ensure that any electrical devices have spare batteries, or the ability to be charged while in the car because, if the power dies, you will hear about it.

It is always best for families to have fun together. While toys and gadgets are great for occupying children, they can easily be lost in their own world during a time which is meant for family bonding. Simple games such as I-spy, storytelling and 20 questions are fun and cost-free activities that everyone in the family can take part in to pass the time.

With these handy tips, you and your family will be guaranteed a pleasant and stress-free start to your holiday.

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