5 Fabulous Ways To Make A Fuss Of Your Furry Friend

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No home should be without a furry friend! Pets are good for your health and they’re really good company too. Of course, busy lives means our furry pals are often left on their own all day. And if you have a busy social life, they might be feeling a little left out. No wonder we’re so often guilted into give them an extra fuss! If you’re looking for ways to spoil your feline or canine rotten, then try one of these excellent gifts for a pet:

Treats And Fancy Foods

Gourmet isn’t a word you would ordinarily associate with pet food, but posh nosh is becoming quite popular for furries. Most brands are small, independent businesses so you might need to buy direct. Not only is the food a little more upmarket in presentation, but it might also do your fur baby some good. Organic, wheat-free, and British-reared meats are available now for your cat. As for the dog in your life? You can expect treats that have come fresh from the butcher. Would you pay a little more to feed your pet some posh nosh?

5 Fabulous Ways To Make A Fuss Of Your Furry Friend

A Bed They Won’t Want To Leave

Most pet owners complain about that early morning wake up call they get from their hungry pets. From the prodding of the pillow, to the full body flop – dogs and cats know how to get your attention! If you’re struggling for space on your own bed, why not invest in a memory foam dog bed or cat bed? While most pets don’t mind dozing on the floor from time to time, there comes a point when the owners wish they didn’t have to step over them so much!


Did you know that you can now buy toys for cats that are battery powered? That means you no longer have to be there dangling a toy fish on the end of a rod. Instead, the cat can activate the toy with a tap or by motion. Watch them chase flashing lights or a little plastic mouse that goes round and round a little tube. Of course, you can always set off those little balls that roll randomly around the room. Infuriatingly funny stuff for the owners too!

Fur Mitts

Cats and dogs often need grooming. Some cats will take care of themselves, but none will refuse a little help from you! Fur mitts come in all shapes and sizes. They are designed to give pet fur a bit of a brush, lifting and removing the loose fur for them. Some have comb teeth for longer fur. Ultimately, you’re giving your pet a good rub, and tidying up the fur at the same time before it sheds all over your floors!

A Walk

Have you ever tried to take a cat for a walk? Not all felines will be up for this, but if you start them early in life they usually love it. You will need a proper cat harness and lead, and the patience of a saint. If you have an indoor cat, this can be the ideal way for them to get some outdoor exercise in safety. How do you make a fuss of your pet?

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