Why You Should Give Gifts of Precious Metals this Christmas

Some Christmas gifts aren’t meant to last – that box of luxury chocolates, a scented candle or a falconry course (although the memories of those raptors will linger…), for example. Other gifts do stay with the recipients for life, but very few actually gain value as the years go by. One such gift, however, is precious metals, so if you’re looking for a unique present for someone that doubles as an investment, then some holiday gifts from Golden Eagle Coins might be in order! If you need more encouragement, here it is.

Bullion and coins are pretty unusual gifts

You won’t find gold and silver bullion at your regular high street department store! You’ll have to order it from a reputable dealer, but once you’ve got it and handed it over, you could be introducing the lucky recipient to an entire new world of investment! Plus, bullion looks stunning, especially if it’s unexpected!money cash pounds

Gold and silver are always in style and in demand

We’ve been using gold and silver for thousands of years and while there may be the occasional dip in spot price, these metals will always gain value in the long run. Gold and silver don’t rot or deteriorate, even after millennia, so your gift could end up being passed on down the generations for many years to come.

About that gain in value…

If you’re looking to give someone a gift that’s also a sensible investment then you couldn’t do much better. When times are tough, precious metals perform at their best and even when the economic climate is buoyant, there’ll still be a small increase in value. Gold and silver tend to be long-term investments, so as long as you explain this over your mince pies, you’ll be making someone feel happy and secure.

Precious metals have more permanence and solidity than most other gifts

Money, even in digital form, is merely a promissory note. It’s (gasp) not actually real! Of course, you can draw it out of an ATM, transfer it between accounts, use it at any number of online retailers and buy real things with it, but all it is, is a promise! When it comes to gold, silver and other precious metals, there’s a permanence, a reality, to them. They stand the test of time. The average lifespan of a fiat currency is 27 years, while the gold and silver we have at our disposal has been around for hundreds or thousands of years.

Governments may withdraw a currency, or it may devalue to the point of being useless. While we think that the pound sterling, the US dollar and the euro are here to stay, there could be any number of shifts in the next decade or so. The same could be said of tech commodities and cryptocurrencies, too. When it comes to gift cards, even, retailers may invalidate them or they might expire before the owner decides what to spend them on, but with precious metals, this isn’t a consideration.

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