How to Make the Ultimate Fun Bedroom for Children

You want your child, or children, to love their bedroom and want to spend as much time in it as possible. I mean, partly because you want to see them happy, and partly because you want them to stop playing loudly while you’re trying to watch an episode of Coronation Street, right?

How to Make the Ultimate Fun Bedroom for Children

I thought that I would put together five little tips on how you can decorate your child’s bedroom to make it colourful, fun and exciting:

Lots of Floor Room

The key to making a bedroom the ultimate play space is by ensuring that your children have plenty of floor space to play with their dolls and games. This will ensure that they’ll stop taking over the living room and kitchen with their Barbies and My Little Ponies.

For added storage, why not invest in bunk beds with storage? This will ensure the beds are basically stacked, therefore your children can use the floor space where the second bed would’ve gone to play instead and it will also save on an extra wardrobe too.

Bright Statement Wall

Add colour to just one of your walls if you’re not comfortable adding paint to all of them. This will make the space seem a little brighter and more child friendly. If you’re not comfortable adding bright colours to one of the walls, then you can use posters of your child’s favourite cartoons or stars to spruce the room up a little bit and add a splash of personality.

A Den

There was nothing more exciting for me as a child than making a little den. I would often do this with bed sheets and pillows in the living room and use it as a place of privacy to stop my parents from bothering me. Having a few cushions in the corner of the bedroom and perhaps a little tepee, playhouse or play tent will give your children the idea of having their own ‘space’ to read and play, that you won’t be allowed in without the ‘password’ they choose.


While floor space is great for ensuring your children can play with dollhouses and board games on the floor, a desk or table and chairs is the perfect addition to making sure that your children have somewhere to paint, draw and do arts and crafts.  Plus, desks are great as a child gets older too as it will give them space to get on with their homework.


Having a bookshelf in the bedroom will not only keep books and toys out of the way, but it will hopefully also look aesthetically pleasing enough to encourage your children to read some books. Separate certain genres using the likes of toys or ornaments just to jazz it up a little bit.

Stuck on what books to read to your children? Then check out this World Book Campaign that looks at the UK’s favourite bedtime books.

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