Is plastic surgery right for you?

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Cosmetic surgery is a great option for many people and there are a whole host of cutting-edge treatments that can be used to address a variety of cosmetic issues and insecurities. 

If you are serious about going under the knife then you should book a consultation with a doctor at a clinic like Cadogan Clinic, one of the leading cosmetic surgery specialists that can give you a better idea of exactly what is best for you. However, before you start the process you should consider the following.

Is plastic surgery right for you?

Choosing a procedure

Every operation has its own pros and cons that vary across the board and results will often depend on your own physiology and health. Look through some before and after photos to get an idea of what kinds of results each surgery can produce. Once you have a picture of exactly what kind of outcome you are looking for and which procedure you would like to look into, book your consultation to discuss it with a professional. It is best to have a good idea of what you want before you talk to a doctor but remember to be realistic with your expectations about what is possible.

The importance of being healthy

The best thing you can do to prepare for cosmetic surgery is to improve your overall health. The risk of complications from surgery skyrockets when the patient is already suffering from some kind of health issue. Well before you start your journey towards plastic surgery you should consider improving your diet and exercise regime. Be mindful of any medication you are currently taking as it may react negatively with the painkillers and antibiotics you will be given – your doctor will often advise about whether you need to suspend or change your medication.

The initial appointment

At the first appointment, you will discuss your goals with the surgeon and look at what options are available to you. They will screen you for any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect your recovery and will carry out a thorough examination of the area of the body you are looking to change. The surgeon will then explain the procedure in detail and possibly discuss different techniques and advise the best route for you.

Surgery and recovery

Even if your procedure is only going to take an hour or two, you should be prepared to spend most of the day at the clinic or hospital. This is because you will need to be under observation whilst the anaesthetic wears off. If a general anaesthetic is going to be used, then you will need to be taken home by a friend or loved one once cleared by the surgical team as you will be too groggy to drive and obviously, you should not be getting public transport home from the hospital.

Your recovery is dependent on several factors such as the type of procedure, your overall health, how well you follow the post-op instructions and whether there were any complications. You should plan to be out of commission for at least a week and possibly enlist the help of a loved one with regards to carrying out your household chores.

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