Make Your Kid’s Next Birthday Completely Unique

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Your kids are only young once, so you definitely want to make the most of it as a parent. One of the times that you can do this is when their birthday rolls around. A kid’s birthday is a brilliant opportunity to spoil them rotten or simply give them a fantastic treat that hopefully, they will remember the whole year. Or, more likely, until the next big event rolls around.

In the past, you might have settled for throwing the typical birthday party. But this year, you can make your kid’s birthday truly special and unique. How do you do this? We’ve got some few ideas that you can consider. Let’s start by thinking about when they wake up in the morning.

While They Were Sleeping

You filled their room with balloons! This is a great place to start, and they certainly won’t forget their birthday if you do this. The best part is that it’s so easy and you can do it without them noticing. Wait until the fall asleep and then start pumping up the balloons. Naturally, it could take a while to fill a room with balloons, but you can get an automatic pump that will make things a lot easier.

If you don’t want to put them in the room for fear that one might burst and give someone in the house a heart attack, how about creating an avalanche on balloons ready to greet your kid as they open their bedroom door? To do this, get a plastic sheet and tape it to the door frame to create what is essentially a large sack. Then fill it with balloons, and you already have a magical way for them to start the day.

But don’t stop there. Add a sign to your car so that on the way to school, you can encourage drivers to beep their horn and wish your child a happy birthday.

Food Glorious Food

Did you know that you can buy a completely, custom-made cake from certain bakers? It’s true, and the cake designs can be absolutely remarkable. You can even get it designed around their favourite characters or cartoons. For instance, your child might love the DC heroes, and if that’s the case, then you should think about getting a cake with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman logos plastered across it. You can even get a layer cake with the colours of each hero for the individual layers. You’ll never know what you can buy until you start researching this possibility.

Alternatively, you can think about getting a photo printed onto the ice cream. If they are growing up, it might be fun to have a picture of them when they were a child or perhaps print a classic family memory. This is a great way to make the cake a little more unique.

legoland birthday party cake

Alternatively, if you want to be a little more mischievous, you can purchase a candle that never blows out. They’ll certainly be in for a surprise when they try and make a wish, and the candle relights as if by magic.

Hire A Special Guest

If you have the money, the contacts or indeed the willpower, you can hire a special guest for your kid’s birthday party. This could either be the real deal if you have money to burn or a costumed character. What do we mean by the real deal? You would be amazed how many celebrities will show up at your kids birthday party for the right price. Or, if you know how to use social media you can even start a campaign and get members of the public to encourage them to make an appearance. It has happened before, and if you take the right steps, it could happen for you too.

After all, if Johnny Depp has enough time to dress up as Jack Sparrow and pretend to be an animatronic in Disney he’s got time to visit your kid on their birthday in his full pirate gear.

Make The Party A Thrilling Adventure

Birthday parties can be boring, but they don’t have to be. Not when there are many exciting and thrilling options to choose from for a kid’s party. You could use a company like Delta Force paintball and setup a paintballing activity. Invite a few of their friends, divide the kids into two teams and let them go loose. Be prepared for the possibility of a few bumps but nothing major and ecstatic birthday boy or girl by the end of the day.

Or, alternatively, why not consider going on a day out in the wilderness. From climbing trees to wild swimming there are plenty of activities you can get up to in the wild that kids will love and this could be a great idea for a summer birthday.

Forget The Day Go For The Week

You can think about celebrating a week rather than a day. Kids will love this idea, and it also means that you can spread out the presents. Typically, when you give kids their presents they love one and forget all about the others. It’s not that they didn’t want the other toys it’s just that they can only focus their attention on a few things at once. As such, staggering their presents makes a lot of sense and allows their birthday to last a little longer. Or, you could even think about having the number of celebration days match the number of years for their birthday. It’s another way to make it just a little more special. Don’t worry if they’re getting on a little. Not ever present for every day has to be massive!

Play Hide The Presents

Finally, you might want to think about playing a special game on the morning or even of the birthday. For instance, you can hide the presents and get your child to look for them. This is quite similar to an easter egg hunt but why contain this concept to easter when you enjoy it at another time in the year. Just make sure that you remember where you hid the presents, or a fun game can turn into a frantic panic.

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