Modernise Your Interior Decor Without High-Tech Gadgets

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There’s a misconception that a modern house is a house that has all the latest gadgets. In reality, a lot of high-tech features are not under your control. Take the infamous Amazon echo, for instance. Of course, it would be awesome to be able to order anything you want from your sofa or to ask for the vacuum cleaner to do the lounge casually. But what if you live in a geographic area where the broadband connection still leaves a lot to wish for? Does that mean that you are stuck in the past? No, of course not! You can modernise your home decor without breaking the bank to buy the latest gadgets. Here’s how to make it work.

Give a new feel to the bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the first rooms that show signs of tear and wear in your home. It’s understandable as to why as in an average household the bathroom can be used up to 15 times a day. That’s a lot of humidity, chemical products, hair and makeup wastes to endure. Consequently, it’s expected that your bathroom will start showing signs of age within the first few years: dirty shower, cracked ceiling paints, grey grout, etc. But with a fresh coat of paint and a good range of tray options, you can transform the room! For small bathrooms, make sure to stick to a bright or neutral colour range.

Give kitchen a brand new decor

The kitchen is the second room to get rapidly damaged through constant use. But thankfully, you can update it easily without breaking the bank. Painting your old cabinets can change the atmosphere in the room while dissimulating the old grease marks that can’t be removed anymore! Besides, you don’t need to change everything. Sometimes all it takes is a new worktop to make your kitchen appear like brand new.

Change your energy consumption bills

Do you know what else makes your home feels old and useless? Unnecessarily expensive energy bills! Indeed, they seem to imply that your home isn’t working for you. But in reality, unless the building needs renovation works, changing the way you manage your energy consumption can dramatically improve your bills. For instance, LED lighting is great value for money, and it doesn’t mean that you can to compromise on quality. Indeed, you can choose from a whole spectrum of colours and brightness available – much more choices than you would have with traditional bulbs – in stylish fittings and at the best price. What’s not to like?

Change the atmosphere in a room

Indoor plants might not sound at first like your idea of a modern house. But maybe knowing that even NASA recommends the use of houseplants will change your mind. Indeed, a selection of houseplants is beneficial for the indoor air quality and can purify the air from pollutants. But they also help to improve the overall productivity and mood levels at home. Keeping plants in a room will not only change the decor of the room but also the way you feel in it.

From smart plants to clever home transformations, modernising your household doesn’t have to be quantifiable by a number of gadgets. A modern home is, after all, a home that works for you and fulfills your everyday needs.

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