Second-hand Cars: Is it Worth Considering Crash Damaged Ones?

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If you’re looking into purchasing a second- hand crash damaged car at a car auction there are a lot of things to consider before delving into the auction house and buying the vehicle. You may think that you’re getting a bargain, but if the car is in an un-usable condition, or the cost of repair is more than the purchase, then it really isn’t worth it.

That being said, buying a crash damaged car does have its benefits. The car will be cheaper to buy than other cars, and if you know your stuff about cars then it might be possible that you can find a vehicle without too much damage and can be fixed easily. However, it is essential to take caution before entering an auction. When looking online at a car auction on site such as, check out what damage the car has and which write-off category it’s in. This is essential when it comes to knowing the condition of the car and whether it is worth purchasing.

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Is buying a damaged car a good idea?

This question all depends on what you’re using the car for, if you are at an auction simply for the parts then there are a lot more options for you to choose from as the vehicle doesn’t need to be completely working. If you are looking to repair the car to be driven yourself then it is essential that beforehand you look at the costs of repairing the car. Or, if you want to buy the car to repair and sell on, not only do you need to review the costs of repair, but also look into the current demand of the market and how well the car will sell.

Which category is the car?

The category of the car depends on what condition it is in. Vehicles in the A category of a write-off are not suitable for re-sale and should be taken to be scrapped or recycled.

Category B cars are also not suitable to be repaired and used on the roads, however the parts can often be salvaged and used to repair other vehicles. Make sure that you check the parts you need first to ensure they are in a suitable condition.

If you find a category S car, then there is the possibility of a repair without having to spend too much. Vehicles in this group have damage to their frame, but the internal workings of the car are usually still in-tact, therefore they can be repaired at a lower cost than others.

Cars in category N pose the least risk of the ones stated above as they will be structurally sound and have no major damage, However, it is possible that you may still have to make small changes to the car such as its suspension or steering wheel, however these are much lower cost repairs compared to the other categories.

Know your stuff

Overall, no matter what type of damaged car you want to choose it is necessary that you have a lot of background knowledge behind you before making the purchase. Do your research on the car beforehand, and ask as many questions you can about it. You can ask which parts of the vehicle have been repaired and which haven’t. If you are looking for a more thorough check on the car then you can pay to have it privately inspected. This costs around £200 but can save you a lot more money so you don’t discover hidden damage later on that needs repairing.

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