Sensible Lighting Ideas for All Your Needs

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Lighting is one of the most important parts of home interior design – if not the most important part. Your choice of lights will impact everything you do, how you feel and the atmosphere in the room. This means that choosing the right lighting for the right room is vital for your home to feel perfect.

Of course, each room will need a few different options for lighting and this is where a few smart choices can really make a difference. For example, you could get away with just having a main light in your bedroom, but adding bedside lights will feel so much cosier at night.


These featured lighting suppliers offer a few ideas to get your interior design flowing. From sensible solutions for dark cupboards to decorative lighting to set the mood, there is something here for everyone.  

Dimmer Switches

Having lots of different lights is great if you have the budget, but a dimmer switch is a good compromise. You will need the right kind of bulb, but once it’s fixed, you can set the lights to the right level for your desired atmosphere. Dimmer switches work brilliantly with Edison style bulbs as you can see the glow of the filament at just the right brightness.

Dimmer switches are a brilliant solution in children’s bedrooms, especially if you have young ones who are afraid of the dark. Rather than having a sudden light-off darkness, you can slowly dim the lights more and more until they are happy in the dark.

Hidden Lights

This sounds daft, but actually, hidden lights are a great way to add light without impacting your design scheme. Think of putting lights under your kitchen cabinets to illuminate the workspace below, or adding a light to a really dark cupboard like the one under the stairs. This kind of practical lighting is always a good idea, and can be put to lots of smart uses.

Bathroom lighting in particular can be quite difficult to achieve as you will want bright white lights allowing you to see clearly in the mirror. One idea is to get a backlit mirror which will illuminate your face perfectly. On the flip side, if you are looking for a relaxing bath with a glass of wine, try putting smaller lights in the tub. Your kids will go wild for a bathtub disco light!

Fairy Lights

The bathroom is perhaps the only room in your entire house that doesn’t warrant the fairy light treatment. These little LEDs were first developed to jazz up a performance of Iolanthe and were added to the fairy’s tiaras to make them more magical. Now they are everywhere in interior design, bringing a little bit of magic and romance to every room.

Try draping them across the ceiling or simply going around the top of your walls to add subtle lighting. If you have a conservatory, this is the perfect place to go wild with fairy lights as the glass will reflect all the twinkles for a truly magical setting.

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