Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning on The Radiator

Radiators have become a staple in most homes. During the winter, it’s common to crank up the thermostat so that you can stay nice and toasty while relaxing with your family. Unfortunately, there are plenty of disadvantages to using our traditional central heating systems.

What Makes Radiators So Bad?

  • They’re inefficient. Radiators take forever to heat up, and then they have to take even longer to circulate the hot air around the room. This is incredibly slow and requires you to turn on your heating way before you actually need it, and the heat lingers for far too long.
  • They’re tough on allergy sufferers. Radiators can cause dust and mites to circulate around the room if they’re convection radiators, which are among the most common. This can be hard on anyone that suffers from allergies.
  • They’re expensive. Since they’re so inefficient, you’ll have to pay a lot for the heat you get. It’s hard to control precisely even with a thermostat, and paying for gas can get relatively expensive if used excessively.
  • They take up too much space. No one likes to see a huge chunk of their wall taken up by a dusty old radiator.
  • There are better options. Radiators are common, but that doesn’t make them the only option when it comes to heating.

Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning on That Radiator

Keeping the Heat in and the Cold Out

To help you save a lot of money this winter season, here are some alternatives to help you stay warm without switching on that dreaded central heating.

  • Get active, don’t just sit around. When your body is actively doing something like cleaning or exercising, it builds up heat that will keep you nice and warm.
  • Block cold drafts. Cold air can get in through cracks in your doors and windows. If the wind is blowing, it becomes easier to identify these drafts so you can patch them up quickly.
  • Let there be light. Open the curtains during the day to let sunlight in, then close them at night to keep that cold air that radiates from your windows out of your home.
  • Go infrared with your heating. If you want a more efficient method of heating your home, try electric methods like an infrared heater. They’re far more efficient than gas-based methods and end up being cheaper overall.
  • Double-up on bed covers. If you’re going to bed and waking up cold, then you need a blanket or extra bed covers to help you stay warm.
  • Wear more clothes. Sounds obvious, but there’s nothing wrong with putting on extra layers or wearing a coat inside to keep your body warm.
  • Wrap up warm in blankets. If you’re sitting at home watching television with a nice cup of coffee or tea in your hand, then wrap yourself in a blanket to keep the rest of your body warm.
  • Eat or drink something hot. Whether it’s porridge, soup or a hot plate of mashed potatoes, make sure you eat something hot to keep your internal body temperature nice and toasty.
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