Travelling with an Illness – 5 Essential Tips

Don’t let an illness hold you back when you head out on holiday. This is one of your best chances to let your hair down and relax – and having a medical condition shouldn’t get in the way of that. Here are five tips for travelling with an illness which will guarantee your trip is as good as can be.

 A doctor’s note

Having a doctor’s note on you can go a long way to making your travel far simpler. It provides a quick explanation of why you’re carry medication on you if you’re stopped and asked why you have it at any point.

It’ll also provide a relatively description of what your condition is if you are rushed into hospital for whatever reason. Serving as a security blanket, a doctor’s note is a simple but useful tool for any sick traveller.

Taking medication through customs

It’s important with something this delicate to tick all the right boxes. With security at the airport heightened further than ever before as a result of terrorist activities, it stands to reason you’ll want to be extra careful with how you transport your medication.

Essential Travel point out some of the best ways to get your medication safely through customs. Their top tips include:

  • Keeping medication in its original packaging
  • Having a doctor’s note
  • Contacting the airport itself


Knowing your limits

Don’t over-exert yourself if you are someone who struggles with fatigue on your travels. There are a series of holidays which provide a relaxing escape from the world. There’s no need to throw yourself into a situation which will cause you undue levels of stress.

Find something peaceful and stick to it. It’s important when considering what you’re going to be doing on holiday to keep your condition in mind. Finding something which is not going to cause you to exert too much energy is crucial if you’re already ill.

Finding disabled access

It’s important when planning your trip to know what your course of action is regarding accommodation and transport. Some illnesses have the potential to leave travellers legally disabled. Finding an accessible city is important to this.

Insurance with provide a host of different cities of this nature, with some of their top recommended locations including the likes of Helsinki, Vancouver and Berlin. These forward-thinking areas are well worth considering if you need additional support.

Wearing a tag

With a tag or “dog collar” you can instantly highlight what’s wrong with you if the worst does happen and you collapse when out and about. It would make sense to have whatever’s on your tag to be written out in the language of the country you’re visiting. This could save a lot of valuable time if you’re in need of prompt medical attention.

Have these tips helped with your next trip? It’s important to remember that having a medical condition doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on holiday. Keep these tips in mind and things will be far simpler.

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