Versatile Blogger Award

Merry Christmas me! I was nominated over the weekend for the Versatile Blogger Award by HomeSchoolPrestwich and would like to say a big, lovely Christmas thank you to her.

This award is given to blogs that have a diverse and interesting range of posts. The way this award works is I now have to share seven random facts about myself and then nominate other bloggers to receive the award. So here goes…

  1. In my youth I was a competitive swimmer and very keen on archery.
  2. My husband has banned me from supermarkets as I’m such a shopping ragist and apparently I “keep putting things in the trolley”.
  3. My Dad is a magician making me half wizard! Take that you muggles 😉
  4. I used to play the French Horn.
  5. I make a very good lemon posset.
  6. I’ve eaten June bugs, dung beetles & dried worms….all in the name of blogging.
  7. I can make balloon animal dogs, mice and giraffes. Skills!

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