Should I Be Worried About The Moles On My Skin?

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Some people call them beauty spots, but most people refer to them as moles – we’ve all got them, but are they a threat to our health? It feels like people get very scared when they notice a mole on their body, but do you need to be worried about every mole you’ve got?

Should I Be Worried About The Moles On My Skin?

The short answer is no, you don’t. Most moles are completely harmless and won’t cause any problems at all. However, some moles should definitely raise your eyebrow and lead you to take action. For those that don’t know, moles can often be a sign of skin cancer, which is why people are quite afraid of them. To help you realise if you should or shouldn’t be worried about your moles, here are some things to look for that suggest they need to be checked.

Abnormally Large Moles

Most moles are relatively small and won’t be much bigger than the rubber on the end of a pencil. Therefore, if you have one that’s larger than this, you should get it checked out. Go somewhere like SkinHealth UK where they can carry out a proper test on the mole to see if it’s benign or not. There’s every chance it could be fine, but you should still get it checked out just in case.

New Moles That Develop In Your Twenties

When you’re a child, you will develop multiple moles until you become an adult. There’s nothing to worry about when this happens, it’s a natural part of life. However, when you enter your late twenties, all your moles should’ve developed. So, if you start seeing a new one from out of nowhere, it’s worth getting it seen to. Especially if you’ve been out in the sun and suddenly see a new mole. Again, this doesn’t explicitly mean there’s a problem, but you’re better off getting it checked out than doing nothing.

Strangely Shaped Moles

In general, moles all follow a similar shape and structure. They’re small round dots on your skin, nothing more nothing less. As such, if you see a mole that’s a bit of a weird shape, it might set the alarm bells off. Especially if the border is a bit strange and not a proper circle. Along with this, I’ll add moles that have lots of different shades of brown in them, this is another potential warning sign. Get these moles checked for peace of mind or to catch something early.

Irritating Moles

Your moles shouldn’t cause you any pain or discomfort, they should just sit there and do nothing. Consequently, a mole that’s constantly itching, or might bleed, needs some attention. Go and get it screened right away to see if anything is wrong.

For the good of your health, you should get any of your moles seen to if they fall into these categories. If they don’t, they’re unlikely to be a problem, and you can rest easy without worrying about them. I want to stress that moles like these ones aren’t 100% a problem for you. However, they’re more likely to be problematic, which is why you need to get them checked out.

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