Summer is here – but are you worrying about Winter?

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You might be starting to notice that yes, summer is pretty much here! The mercury is finally on the rise and the days and nights seem so much lighter, brighter and longer. The countdown to the summer holidays is on and the kids can’t wait to head down to the beach to while away the days building sandcastles and rock pooling. You might have dusted off the BBQ, pulled out your summer wardrobe and pulled on a pair of flip flops but is the idea of another bitterly cold winter at the back of your mind?

Many of us struggle with keeping our energy bills low and although Summer provides us with a bit of relief when it comes to the thermostat, the thought of the temperature dropping again fills us with dread. But don’t worry. Why not try these home heating ideas while the sun is shining?

Your flooring

Did you know that you lose a lot of your heating through your floor? Whether you have carpet or hardwood flooring, you can keep the room warmer using underlay. Our floors go through a lot during the winter months so why not refloor your home or stick to carpeting areas that get lots of traffic such as the living room or the kids rooms.

Summer is here – but are you worrying about Winter?

Get some curtains

You might have some really stylish blinds covering your windows which probably look great. But as well as the floor, our homes tend to lose most of their heat through the windows! Invest in a good pair of thick, lined curtains. As soon as it gets dark make sure they’re shut, so you add an extra layer of insulation in an instant. Curtains aren’t usually a popular summer purchase, so chances are you might be able to get some on offer! You can always take them down again in the summer time.

Free the radiator!

If your sofa is pushed up against the radiator then now is the time to move it. It might be the best seat in the house, but your sofa is blocking the heat that the radiator is trying to release that should be heating your home. The same goes for drying clothes on them too – the heat is being blocked! If you don’t have anywhere else to dry your clothes in the winter months then try to go periods without drying your clothes on them if you can. Just try to let the air circulate.


Ever sit and wonder where that draught is coming from? Well it’s spoiling your heat! Whether it’s from under the door or the edge of a window, go round you home and figure out what needs resealing or covering. A long draught excluder will work wonders for under doors and they’re relatively cheap too! Head to the hardware store and get yourself some adhesive rubber seals for the windows. Do all this before winter kicks in and you’ll all feel the benefits when the temperate inevitably drops again.

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