Zero Waste Bra: Keeping Rubbish Removal Undergarments Out Of Landfills

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Hey ladies, that all important undergarment lurking under your business suit is full of toxins! Yes, we’re talking about your bra! Think back. How many old and tattered bras have you thrown into your rubbish removal bin across your lifetime? How many bras have you personally sentenced to a destiny in a landfill?

The sisterhood understands. We wear our favorite bras until the elastic wears out and they don’t provide any more support. Then, we bin them in with the rest of the rubbish removal. Of course, there are also those bras that are so uncomfortable we can’t wait to get home and remove them. They’re too tight or too itchy. Maybe they leave those mysterious red welts along their borders that burn as well as itch. Frustrated one day, in a rubbish removal frenzy, we toss those in with the rubbish removal too.

What you may not know is that many bras contain carcinogenic materials like polyurethane made from petroleum, a whole host of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and highly toxic formaldehyde which is the same noxious stuff they use as as embalming fluid… yes, you may be partially embalming your ladies when you wear your bra! Maybe that’s why some bras are so darn uncomfortable and you end up tossing them in the rubbish removal bin!

Even bras made out of pure cotton can be full of pesticides as well as heavy metals like cadmium since genetically modified cotton is grown in such a toxic environment. There’s another health hazard too in some bras. The underwire can serve like an antenna and form electromagnetic fields that can cause breast cancer. No, this is not a conspiracy theory… it’s absolutely true!

In fact, there were reports in New Delhi India of people dying from the toxins released into the air when burning clothes, including bras, in an attempt to stay warm! Believe it or not, this is the news story that got Stephanie Devine highly motivated to develop the world’s first ever totally non-toxic bra. She envisioned it as being so ecofriendly that at the end of its life, the owner could literally compost it in her backyard, along with kitchen scraps, and garden waste removal, and use it to grow roses!

Zero Waste Bra: Keeping Rubbish Removal Undergarments Out Of Landfills

Stephanie Devine, a ten year breast cancer survivor, had already been on a quest to find or make a wire free, totally organic cotton bra. She started this quest back when she had to have chemotherapy and an underwire was too uncomfortable to wear. That’s when she learned about about how much water it took to produce the cotton used to make soft cotton bras: twenty thousand litres of water to produce one kilogram of cotton. This was even true for organic cotton.

Stephanie also learned during her educational process that most bras on the market are truly toxic. She learned about what these toxins can do to the body and how these toxins enter the landfill. She learned how the toxins in bras leach out and then enter our ground water when bras are put in the rubbish removal bin and then sent off to landfills where they rot anaerobically.

Then Stephanie started doing the math on that and came up with a mind boggling number:

There are about two billion women on Planet Earth. Each woman owns an average of nine bras. So, that’s about eighteen billion more toxic bras destined within a few years to go to the landfill. Besides releasing their toxins, they’ll also be releasing methane gas and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, artificially warming up our planet even more!

This made Stephanie even more determined to find an ecofriendly solution.

While most people know Stephanie as a successful head hunter in the financial industry, her career didn’t start out in this field. When she was only a teenager, she and a friend starting a clothing business and even sold their clothes to London shops like Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Ultimately, their clothing business failed but Stephanie’s passion for making clothing never did. In fact, Stephanie continued to dabble in the clothing business for years.

But now… a light bulb went off in Stephanie’s mind. She decided to try to fill a niche that wasn’t being fill at all. She decided to design the world’s first ever truly sustainable bra! It would be a ZERO WASTE BRA, not just organic, because she had learned that even organic bras are not so ecofriendly with all the water that is used to make them and the fact that they still produce those greenhouse gases if they are put in the rubbish removal and sent to the landfill!

Stephanie has been working non-stop from home to find the sustainable materials to make a zero waste bra. For the body of the bra, she’s using “soft as silk” tencel fibres harvested from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees that require far less water to grow than cotton. She’s even using organic thread and bra hooks made of organic cotton. Everything on the bra is completely non-toxic and fully biodegradable and compostable in your own garden. So, there would literally be no need to put this zero waste bra into a rubbish removal bin!

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky though. The elastic parts of the bra are made from rubber from sustainably grown rubber trees and organic cotton. However, the price for this more ecofriendly elastic is about ONE THOUSAND times more than the toxic elastic used by the big manufacturers of bras! However, Stephanie is turning lemons into lemonade! Part of Stephanie’s vision is make the more sustainable elastic in such high demand, by the popularity of her bra, and matching briefs, the price will drop because of much larger production.

For the initial expenses to design the bra, Stephanie borrowed money from an angel investor. However, to produce her first ever batch of zero waste bras, which she has dubbed the “Very Good Bra,” she started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on May 19, 2018. With thirteen days to go, Stephanie has raised $33,359 and has four hundred and four backers! This is more than double the amount she had set for a goal. It looks like Stephanie will soon see her vision of a zero waste bra that never has to go to the rubbish removal bin come true!

If you have bras and other clothing that you wish to discard, you can first look for a charity shop that may take them. If that doesn’t work out, you can always call Clearabee, the UK largest private rubbish removal company. Here’s why we are suggesting to call Clearabee. This company finds a way to recycle or reuse about ninety percent of the rubbish they collect. Further, they have a reputation for providing this service with a smile at a very reasonable price. Therefore, if you don’t want your old bras and clothing to go to the landfill, you should definitely give Clearabee a call.

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