Despicable Me – Minion Dave Toy

Toyologist_Blogger badgeCheck me out, I’m an official ToysRus Toyologist. I’m not really, they gave me the badge but really our resident toy expert is young master Splodge. It suits him too, and now he’s 3 he really does need his own job title.

Our first duty as Toyologists was to take part in a Google+ Hangout. It was our first one and it did suffer from a couple of technical hitches, but if you’re mixing live Internet links with toddlers then it’s never going to be plain sailing, though it was a lot of fun.

We were sent a talking Minion Dave (omg how cool is he?) to open live on air. We love Minions in our house, I mean who doesn’t. So we were chuffed to bits when we opened him up, pressed his belly and he started chattering away, wiggling and blinking his eyes.

Admittedly Splodge had never quite seen anything quite like this before in the flesh, so he was a little taken aback, but once he’d got used to Dave he really loved him and couldn’t stop making him natter away. My first impression was he was hilarious, very true to the film character and pretty darn cool. I loved him.


Dave is one of three talking Minions from the fabulous film Despicable Me 2. He is pretty robustly made from a soft, flexible rubber type material (he’s been vigorously played with by a team of toddlers and has survived). Dave has 55 phrases, all from the film and all funny. Apparently when Dave meets another Dave, or Stuart or Tim then they start talking to each other, this I need to see!

Minion Dave is quite a different toy to anything I’ve ever seen and if you’re a fan of the films, then he’s a must-have for under your Christmas tree. If you’ve never seen Despicable Me then don’t bother getting a Dave, you just won’t get it. But who hasn’t seen it? Reckon this Christmas might be all about Dave.

Disclaimer – We were sent a super-cool Minion Dave to review free of charge. He’s ace.

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