Drop Dead Good Chocs

I blooming love Twitter. I’ve made some cracking mates on there over the past year or so who have turned into gorgeous real life friends. It was with some excitement that I met up for coffee with Jonathan Danby who is @DropDeadChocs on Twitter.

JD, as I like to call him, has been brilliant to me, keeping me up when I was down, entertaining me when I was bored and in pain and what’s more, he sells the best chocolates I’ve ever tasted. No really.

We had a really good chin wag and put the entire world to rights. I had a great time. Even better was he presented me a huge box of some of his new chocolates to try. So, in the interests of science I accepted his generous gift and resisted for several minutes before diving straight in.

Drop dead chocolates

Seriously Dead Good Chocs!

I roped in my chocoholic husband to give a second opinion. Here’s what we thought of the brand spanking new chocs from Drop Dead Chocolates.

Orange Fondant Cream
Silky dark chocolate filled with orange fondant cream. Delicious. Orange chocs aren’t everyone’s favourites, but these never will be the last ones to be scoffed in our house. You can really tell the difference in quality compared to the mass produced versions.

Salted Caramel
Oh good god. I adore salted caramel. This hit all the spots for me, quite sweet but you’d expect that from caramel. The milk chocolate was creamy and clearly excellent quality. A real favourite.

Strawberry Mousse
I’m not a strawberry fan so I’m probably the wrong person to scoff this choc, but my brave and dedicated husband said they were his favourite. I think for me the dark chocolate balanced the strawberry nicely.

Raspberry Caramel
I wasn’t expecting to love this one as much as I did. I enjoyed the raspberry and caramel combination. It looked so cute too. Dark chocolate with a pink heart on top. I’ve baggsied these!

These were a little sweet for my taste but they did pack a blueberry punch. These were a big hit with dark chocolate loving husband, who loved both the chocolate and the fruity blueberry centre.

Assorted Chocolate Macarons
Seriously, these are the business. Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they tasted amazing too. These would be a fantastic Christmas present for someone. I loved them, like chocolaty jewels. Get your face round some now.

Chilli Pepper Truffle
These are not the prettiest chocolates in the world, looking a little dusty and lumpen in the box. They pack a serious chilli heat and were a bit hot for me, perfect for husband though. An interesting and quirky addition to the box.

Fig Ganache
Being big fig lovers we were really keen to try these. JD worried that they might be a bit sweet, but they are full of figgy flavour which is naturally quite sweet. They are so pretty. Dark chocolate topped with a glamorous pink square.

The chocolate from dropdeadchocs is seriously good quality and they are enormous, worthy of at least two of my dainty lady bites. Whenever I’ve given these chocolates as gifts they’ve always been raved about by the grateful recipient.

So if you, like us are chocoholics, then I suggest you give Drop Dead Chocolates and the lovely JD a follow on Twitter. He’s always doing giveaways and he’s a thoroughly good egg. You can check out his full range on his website.

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