Red Hot Desserts at Red Hot Buffet Manchester

On Thursday my boys and I broke our Red Hot Buffet Manchester virginity at their Deansgate Manchester restaurant and we were impressed. We were invited to try out their new dessert menu and I’m pretty sure we tried everything in the place.

Red hot buffet manchester

We’ve been to oriental buffets before and they were nice or a bit meh, but what we loved about Red Hot Buffet was that it’s not just Chinese. It’s Tex-Mex. It’s Indian. It’s Japanese. It’s Italian. It’s anything and everything you could possibly want to eat. In fact there was so much choice Hodge was massively overwhelmed by it all, so if you’re an indecisive type it’s probably worth checking out the menu before you go so you can start planning your plateful.

We started with drinks, the boys had soft drinks, Splodge is 2 and is currently teetotal and Hodge was driving, so in the interests of science I had a Singapore Sling. Oh my, it was so good and strong, the cocktails are not watered down and they are so tasty. I followed that later with their Signature Cocktail which was lush, and reminded me of a boozy, fruity slush puppy.

We wandered down to fill our plates. I’m a real noodle junkie so I hit the Oriental Bar. I chose what I wanted to eat and while they flipped my noodles on their teppanyaki grill I chose from a selection of oriental nibbles. Meanwhile the boys wandered off and somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of choice, they went for Tex-Mex which for them was a solid choice. There was plenty to choose from and I was impressed with the amount of child-friendly food available. There really was something to suit everyone.

We’d had a sneaky look at the gorgeous looking desserts on offer and wanting to leave room we were determined not to have seconds. We failed, I had to try the Thai Green curry and some sushi. I really loved the curry, it was delicious and I would’ve gone back for thirds but that’s just greedy. On to the puds!

Jewel-like Jelly

Jewel-like Jelly

We were presented with a seemingly endless array of amazing looking puddings. I was lucky enough to grab a chat with the Red Hot Buffet Head Pastry Chef, Darshan Choudhar who had come over from the flagship Nottingham restaurant to introduce the new range of desserts to Red Hot Buffet Manchester.

Darshan explained that the new range of desserts had been designed to include more fruit. Fresher, zingier flavours but with less cream, less naughtiness but still feeling quite indulgent. He went on to explain that they’d worked hard to cater for vegan diners as well as offering gluten free options (he said diners with special requirements should tell the waiting staff and a special platter would be brought to them to avoid cross contamination. This is excellent as I know several gluten intolerant people who really suffer when they dine out).

He went on to explain that they’d created a premium range of ice creams which will be available in October and that they’d increased the number of low calorie treats such as sorbets and fruit.

New choices include an Eton mess cake with berries, American walnut brownies, pear and raspberry meringue, mango and raspberry cheese cake, white chocolate and ginger panna cotta, coconut, cherry and pineapple sponge and a chocolate and gingerbread gateau.

RH-Kids-0011 (600x458)

Typically the first one at the dessert table was young Splodge who raced in shouting “cake”! It was like looking at a cake shop run by Willy Wonka. The table was heaving with beautiful jewel coloured jellies, fruits, brownies, crème brûlées, an amazing Eton Mess cake, tiramisu, cheesecakes and a selection of goodies to dip in the chocolate fountain.

Typically the boys went straight for the walnut brownies which were sublime, my absolute favourite and probably top of my list. Splodge being a fruit freak then went to town on the watermelon which was cut up into perfect toddler sized slices. Being both studious and thorough I went for slice after slice after slice of various amazing looking gateaux. The Eton Mess cake was a definite highlight, as was the tiramisu. In fact they were all good and they all felt naughty but I’m assured they’re not as naughty as you think they are.

Eton Mess Cake - Amazing!

Eton Mess Cake – Amazing!

With bellies full and clasping a balloon for good behaviour (Splodge not me), we headed home into the night. I’m back next month with a friend and we’re going to celebrate Splodge’s birthday there in November. Can’t wait to return!

Offer: I’m really pleased to be able to offer my lovely blog readers a great offer. Book your table here and kids aged 16 and under can eat for half price; from as little as £3.99 for limitless pizza, pasta, curry, salads, desserts and ice cream (prices may vary according to restaurant, day and time).

Disclaimer: I was a guest of the restaurant and not asked to pay for any of my food or drink.

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