Outdoors: Women’s Walking Boots & Gloves

The clocks have gone back, the heating is on and my summer dog walking boots have been put away in favour of something a bit more suitable for the muddy fields and riverbanks the pup and I walk down each afternoon. The dog has made us into outdoorsy people and that’s no bad thing, but my old walking boots are now falling apart and I’m in need of an upgrade.

These boots are made for walking!

I bought my old boots from a walking shop in the Lake District in 2001. They’ve put some very serious miles in, but they’re past their best and I need something a bit more fit for purpose. I love walking the dog down by the river and through the woods, but even on a fine day there’s often thick mud to clamber through and uneven ground to negotiate. I’ve upgraded to these Women’s Brasher walking boots and they’re a serious boot for serious dog walking.

Outdoors: Women's Walking Boots & Gloves

The Brasher Country Master walking boots are made from durable leather which has waterproof eVent technology which keeps your feet dry. I’ve worn them on a few dog walks and they’re really, really comfortable. The boots are really padded around the ankles, so they’re comfortable and I’ve not experienced any rubbing or blisters.

Outdoors: Women's Walking Boots & Gloves

They feel tough, with a good thick grippy sole which I know will serve me well as I scramble through the woods after my dog. Plus they look so darn smart, I love them and I can’t fault them. They’re not cheap, but I think with walking boots, you get what you pay for. I had a bad accident when I was walking as a teenager and I was told if I hadn’t been wearing the good boots I was walking in, then my broken ankle would have been shattered and would have needed to be pinned.

I do feel that other people would probably wear them for more serious walking, up huge hills in the Peak District and such like, but I know these women’s walking boots will serve me well and if I can get 17 years out of them, then I’ll be a very happy dog walker indeed.

Outdoors: Women's Walking Boots & Gloves

Good gloves!

I’ve also got myself a pair of The North Face Etip Women’s Gloves. I really struggle to find gloves that I like. As cosy as thick gloves are, they drive me up the wall. When I’m out and about I need my hands for all kinds of things, so if my gloves are too thick then I spend most of my time taking them off and putting them back on again.

Outdoors: Women's Walking Boots & Gloves

These North Face Etip gloves are great. They’re not thick, but they are cosy and they have X-Static fingertips which means I can use my phone without having to take them off. I use my camera a lot when I’m out too, and these gloves are thin enough for me to adjust my camera settings while I’ve got them on.

They also have a silicone grip palm pattern which means even if I’m being especially butter fingered, the chances of my phone slipping out of my gloved hands is much less. It’s fair to say I’m delighted with my new women’s gloves, which you can find in the Women’s North Face accessories section on the Blacks website. They even clip together so there’s less chance of me losing one.

Outdoors: Women's Walking Boots & Gloves

I am really pleased with both my new walking boots and my new gloves. They’re just the thing for some winter dog walking and they’ll make going out on a cold wet day an awful lot more tolerable.

I was sent these products for review purposes. The brands included in this post asked for our opinion on the products featured from their range. All images and opinions are our own.

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