Review: Yu! Fruit Snacks – fruity family snacks

Last week Yu! sent me some of their fruity snacks to sample and review. I’m not overly fond of fruit but I know (I know, don’t nag) that fruit is a really important part of a healthy diet, and counts towards your five (or is it seven) a day. The boy loves fruit and will happily devour a punnet of strawberries in a sitting, which is great, but it’s handy to have little snack packs for trips out and lunch boxes and such like.

Yu! sent me…
Yoghurt covered strawberry pieces
Yoghurt covered raspberry pieces
Strawberry fruit chews
Raspberry fruit chews
Cherry fruit chews
Blueberry fruit chews
Mango fruit chews


Despite my fruit aversion I love cherries and raspberries, so it took all of my willpower not to dive straight in before I could take a picture.

The fruit chews are made from concentrated fruit pieces which contain 7.2 times their own weight in real fruit. Each 24g pack is one of your five (or seven) a day and has no added sugar. They were a real fruity surprise. They’re a bit like jelly sweets, so you can pass them off as a sweet treat instead of the healthy snack they are.

Both the boy and myself shared each pack, I really enjoyed the mango, strawberry and blueberry flavours, but they were all good.

On a trip out I took both bags of the yoghurt covered strawberry and raspberry pieces. I’m a bit of a devil for a chocolate covered raisin and these had the same addictive qualities. Yoghurty and fruity, they don’t taste like a healthy snack. Generously coated with a lovely fruity hit hidden inside. We all loved them and devoured them in one sitting.

The calorie count isn’t prohibitive either, with the fruit chews at around 86 calories a pack and the yoghurt coated pieces around 120. I don’t think that’s too bad. Especially if you can pass actual fruit off as sweeties.

The boy loved them and to be fair so did we. We’ll be stocking up on these little snack-sized packs for our holiday. They’re perfect portion sized packs, they feel much naughtier than they are and he (we) can’t get enough of them.

You can buy them online from Yu! But I believe they are also available in Tesco.

Disclaimer: Yu! Sent me the samples for free for review, but I always review honestly and these were scrummy.

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