Marmalade on Toast? Personality Test

I’m frankly terrified of Facebook, I can’t log in without falling down a personality test quiz wormhole and losing three hours. It’s not the worst thing in the world, if I’m honest there’s a secret part of me which loves finding out which Greek God I should be, which character from Friends I am, or how evil I actually am (I’m not completely evil, rest easy).

So when I was sent this cute quiz from jam makers Duerr’s and Roberts Bakery I had to have a little go. It’s been devised to uncover our true personality type, devised with the help of (friend of this blog) Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, Dr Sandi Mann, she and her team have identified 15 personality types. Apparently factors like the thickness of your bread and what jam you prefer can indicate what kind of person you are. Who knew?

We’ve previously established that I’m fairly evil (and Aphrodite and Chandler by the way) but what does my breakfast say about me? Apparently I’m a “protector” always looking after people and keeping an eye on things, that seems about right, I’m a busy Mum and forever battling to keep my boys out of trouble.

You can take the quiz here, what’s your personality type?

Personality test

Written in collaboration with Duerrs & Roberts Bakery.

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