Five Easy Garden Hacks

I love gardening, it can be a nice restful way to spend an afternoon, elbow deep in compost and making your outside space a nice place to be. I’m a busy mum and I don’t have a lot of time to spend gardening, so like any borderline lazy person I have developed a few of my own garden hacks to make my life easier.

Save your teabags and once they’re cool put them on top of the soil in your pots, this helps keep weeds down and eventually they will break down and add nutrients to the soil. I saved a particularly sickly rosemary plant that way.

Get the kids to help while they’re still willing. My 5 year old loves to help out, so he gets to dig holes for plants, sweep up and pick up leaves and weeds from the lawn. He’s not the most focussed gardener but it’s nice to get him involved.

Keeping on top of weeds is a constant battle, we use cheap bark chips on top of our soil, the water can still pass through unlike with plastic sheets, but the bark chips keep the weeds from sprouting up. They just need topping up every year or so. My garden would be a wilderness without them.

If you try and make your garden attractive to birds, hedgehogs and frogs etc, then they will come and gobble up some of the insects and other nasties you don’t want in your garden. Hedgehogs love eating slugs which are horrible destructive disgusting things.

If you’ve got a strong stomach going on a twilight snail hunt can help to reduce the numbers, this is especially effective after a rain shower. Go out with a torch, wearing gloves and with a sturdy and hole free bag pick up any slugs and snails you see, tie the bag up and put it in the bin. it’s a bit mean to the slugs and snails, but they wouldn’t think twice about eating your seedlings. If you do this regularly you will start to see a difference.

I think this infographic from Ecoscape is great, it’s got some great ideas for garden hacks for your patch, I’ll be using a few of these in future!

Do you have any garden hacks or top tips for lazy gardeners like me?

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