Sprucing the house up for Christmas

It’s around this time of year I start looking at my ordinarily nice house for faults, scuffs in the paintwork, peeling corners of wallpaper, untidy and ignored corners. Christmas always fills the house full of visitors and I always start to look at my home through their eyes. Often I’m unhappy with what I see. I’m not alone in this, I pretty sure sales of new sofas, carpets and wallpaper go through the roof in autumn, families are busy sprucing up their homes for Christmas.

High on lots of pre-Christmas shopping lists are new kitchen appliances and white goods. I know when we moved into our house three years ago, we moved with us our then ageing fridge freezer, not expecting it to last more than a few months. I look at it daily and listen to its groans and clunks of complaint with an ever deepening frown. Every so often it makes a sound like it’s in its final death throes and I hit the internet looking for a replacement, good quality, preferably with next day delivery and most importantly working. Top of my fridge freezer wishlist are these fridge freezers from Panasonic.


Next on my festive kitchen appliance wish list is a breadmaker. We’ve often admired them when we’ve visited other people and we’ve been keen to get one of our own. There are few more lovely aromas in a home than the smell of freshly baked bread and we’re very keen on making our own food from scratch or near as dammit, a breadmaker for us would be all the benefits of fresh bread but with none of the hard work. I love the thought of waking up on Christmas morning to a freshly baked loaf, ready for topping with smoked salmon and scrambled egg, washed down with a festive glass of bucks fizz. I really like these breadmakers from Panasonic, they look ideal for what we want.


There are lots of things I do want for Christmas and lots of things I’d like to do buy for the house too, but really I’d just like a fridge freezer that didn’t sound like it was rasping its last and of course a house full of happy people.

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