Pink Stinks

I’m not very good at being a girl. There I said it.

From when I was a tiny baby I objected to dresses, frills, pink stuff. It was itchy and fussy. Put me in dungarees and I’d be happy. My parents painted my bedroom pink and hung up pink curtains with ruffles. I went into a full on strop for a week. I lived with that room till I was 14, I saved up enough and painted it myself.
I don’t wear make up, it makes me feel like Coco the clown and I look like a strange painted facsimile of me. I have short nails because I don’t like long ones, I honestly don’t know how people function with long nails.
I don’t own any heels. I tried them but I kept falling over and they’re not practical footwear in a mosh pit or for chasing toddlers.
I don’t own a dress or a skirt or anything pink or frilly. My hair is short, very short because I like it that way and who has the time for straighteners? Next week I’m going to dye it blue and shave some of it off, it’ll grow back, short hair is very forgiving.
I drink beer, I like ice hockey, I love Top Gear. I fancy motorbikes. I like wrestling. I love Tarantino. I love really angry music and pink stinks!
I was a Tom-boy who grew into a Tom-woman.
I’m not very good at being a girl. Sorry.

6 responses to “Pink Stinks

  1. I was quite a Tom boy until I was about 20 and then strangely started liking girlie stuff. I’ve always worn make up and attempted to straighten my hair but that was more a vain attempt to stop myself looking like Mick Hucknall which just was never a good look for a 14 year old girl!
    Nobody should ever apologise for who they are and I have so much respect for anybody who doesn’t “conform”!
    Go you! Looking forward to seeing the hair!

    • hodgepodgedays

      Please tell me there is at least one picture of you looking like Mick Hucknall! As soon as I had free will over my appearance I was dying my hair all colours, shaving it off, getting piercings. It’s not in my nature to conform and it’s time for a change. Can’t wait to show you my new hair πŸ™‚

  2. expressionconfession

    Conversely, I tried very unsuccessfully to look like one of the pretty girls as a teen, and ended up looking like a poodle (bad perm- back perm I add) with a clown face.

  3. hodgepodgedays

    Darn it πŸ™‚

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