I don’t normally do New Year Resolutions because they’re just empty promises you make to yourself that you usually break by day 3. All this New Year-New Me stuff is a nonsense and a massive waste of time and energy.

I have however been persuaded this New Year to make just one resolution. It deeply rankles to have to formally make an empty promise to myself, but I made a real promise to a good friend that I’d embrace the New Year-New Me claptrap. So here goes.

In 2014 I resolve to become fitter and healthier in body and mind.

There we go. That’s my sincere promise to myself. After my spinal surgeries I did a tonne of rehab and as 2013 drew to a close I was swimming twice a week, going to Pilates once a week and walking whenever and wherever I could. Ideally I’d like to continue with that and maybe do more as I get fitter and more able.

And now because of the curse of the New Year Resolution I can virtually guarantee all of that will have stopped by the weekend. Dammit.


Will you be making an empty promise to yourself this New Year? Do share.

6 responses to “Resolution

  1. afra willmore (@madmumof7)

    Nope – gonna keep on eating cake and not exercising. Great blog post- good luck with resolution!

  2. Nah, gonna keep taking too much on and staying up too late getting nearly all of said stuff done, so leaving some of stuff to do the next day…!

  3. I have made two promises to myself – I’m determined to keep them! 1) Get more organised so I can 2) Have some ME time – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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