How to show me that you love me

Wake me gently in the morning. Maybe spoon me until I wake up in your arms. This will make me happy.

Before you go to work in the morning, even if you’re rushing, pause to kiss me and hold me a little, just long enough for me to feel your heart beating in your chest and for me to wish you a nice day at the office dear.

Text me at some point during the day to say hi. Respond to my texts, even if it’s brief, just so I know you’ve received and read them.

When you get home from work, kiss me and look at me like you’ve missed me just a little bit.

When we eat dinner at the table, which we do most nights, talk to me, tell me about your day, ask about mine, talk to our son. Look me in the eye. Smile your gorgeous smile, the one where your eyes crinkle a little at the sides.

Hold my hand.

Hold me.

Hug me.

Talk to me.

Laugh with me.

At bedtime, tell me you love me, kiss me, hold me, spoon me if you’d like. Let me fall asleep feeling loved and feeling love for you.

That is how to show me that you love me.

Show me you love me

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