Manchester’s Hidden Gems – what’s secretly superb?

A little while ago I was asked what I thought was Manchester’s most hidden of hidden gems. This was a complete no-brainer for me, it had to be the Armenian Taverna in Albert Square. It’s easy to miss from the street, being a doorway to the underground restaurant, and it’s easy to turn your nose up at too, being utterly trapped in a 1970’s time-warp.

I’ve been for romantic meals there, I’ve been to celebrations with the Armenian community there (my husband is half Armenian), I’ve been for boozy nights out with friends there, and I’ve popped in for a quick lunch when I’ve wanted more than a butty on the go.

The mezze plate (they do a meaty one and a veggie one) is unmissable, and I always insist on sharing one with whoever I’m with when I visit. The food is hearty and even the biggest appetites would struggle to clear their plate. The Armenian Taverna has a charm of it’s own, and if you fancy a slightly off-beat night out I thoroughly recommend it.

Armenian Taverna

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