What’s On: Christmas at Museum of Science and Industry

In the run up to Christmas our whole family is rushed off their feet with preparations, parties and visiting Father Christmas. Once the last of the leftovers have been eaten, we all want to go on long walks and do nice things in the fallow period in between Christmas and New Year, and before the boy goes back to school in January. At this time of year we like to visit the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and see what’s on that’s both fun and educational. 

Families visiting the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester will be tripping the light fantastic this Christmas holiday with a special programme of fun, free events.

Events at the Museum of Science and Industry take place every day from 22 December to 8 January. The Museum is closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, but it’s a great place to spend a family day out over the festive period. There are some special events and demonstrations available over the Christmas break, so there’s no better time to visit.

What's On: Christmas at Museum of Science and Industry
Children making and playing with shadow puppets at the Light Fantastic exhibition

Manchester Mills 22 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

Go back in time to the working mills of 150 years ago.  Experience the deafening sounds of the mill machines. Find out what life was like for thousands of mill workers and discover how the industry changed the world.

Engine Demonstration  22 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

Behold the power of our engines! Find out how our machines powered a city and discover their role in the Industrial Revolution.

Light 22 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

Visit the museum and explore the power of light and how it can create illusions to trick our eyes and minds. Discover how magicians use light to create illusions, build your own kaleidoscope at a fabulous interactive family workshop, try your hand at making your own 3D glasses and play in a shadow theatre.

Experiment! Open daily

In the Experiment! area you can play with 25 hands-on exhibits and see science in action. Lift a MINI and find out how the power of gears can you super strength. Be mesmerised by bubbles passing through giant columns of coloured liquids to demonstrate viscosity, see how many of the city’s homes can be lit by using household waste as power, and measure your reactions against the speed of light.

There’s always so much to see at do at the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s an excellent place to visit over the Christmas break.

For more information about what’s on at the Museum of Science and Industry on their website.

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