Mummy, where’s your willy?

I’ve been expecting this. Privacy being zero in this house, I was showering and the small boy wandered in and appraised me.

“Mummy, where’s your willy?”

Here we go I thought, stealing myself for the conversation.
“Mummy doesn’t have a willy, you and Daddy have willies, Mummy doesn’t.”

“You’ve got a bottom!” he bellows, I smile and nod.
“…and boobs, you’ve got big boobs!”

“I don’t have boobs” he says proudly, slapping his chest as if to double check he is still without breasts; then he wandered off to search for a toy car or something.

And so it begins.

where's your willy

15 thoughts on “Mummy, where’s your willy?

  1. Haha, I remember this stage well with my older boy. Youngest is not yet two, but we already get a lot of amusement hearing him say boobs and willy!

  2. They are obsessed with genitals and boobs from such a young age! My 2yo often tells whoever is listening that her baby brother has a willy 🙂 #magicmoments

  3. My youngest feels sorry for me because my willy fell off apparently. Great post #magicmoments

  4. I loved this post! It actually made me laugh of loud! I can totally relate to this as my toddler constantly points out the fact by saying “Mummy hasn’t got a winky, she’s a girl, she just has a big bum” so there it is – me and my big bottom being analysed by a curious, straight talking toddler! x

  5. This made me giggle. I’ve been there before but am now revisiting the embarrassing questions stage with my youngest. #magicmoments

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