Dreaming of a Bella Bathroom

Growing up in the 1980s I have had the honour, nay the privilege to bathe in some rather special bathrooms. When I went to uni in the mid 90’s, we had a delightful mustard bath in the first year, before moving into a flat which had (brace yourselves) a maroon bath with matching tiles. It was so dark it didn’t show the dirt, so I suspect it wasn’t cleaned by us for the duration of our tenancy. Please don’t judge me, I was a student, not cleaning was what we did best.

After uni I bought a little house with the boy I love, we didn’t have much money but the bathroom was appalling, I could barely find the courage to sit on the toilet. It was mint green suite with matching tiles, some of the tiles had pictures of galleons on them, but most of them were falling off the wall. One of the first things we did was rip that bathroom out. We bought the cheapest white suite we could find and the cheapest white tiles, it was the whitest, brightest bathroom in the world.

We’re now in our (hopefully) forever home. It’s a lovely house, light and quite spacious, but having handed over one arm and one leg to buy the place, our redecoration budget was limited. The bathroom is fine, serviceable, it works, but it’s not especially what we would’ve chosen.

If I could have my dream bathroom would I go maroon again? Would I crave the kitsch of the green galleon bathroom? Or would I go white and bright? I checked out Bella Bathrooms to see if they had any pirate ship themed bathrooms (they do not) and found what I’d choose if I could design my dream bathroom.

Bella bathrooms

My first thought was how am I supposed to pick just one of these gorgeous bathrooms? I went for white obviously, (you didn’t seriously think I’d go maroon again did you?) after mulling over a huge range of traditional, modern and gorgeous contemporary bathrooms, I listened to my practical voice and went for this beautiful suite, the Frontline Pano. I’m drawn to it’s clean modern lines, stylish but not so fashionable it’ll be out of favour by tomorrow. I don’t want a big chunky bath suite, I have an average bathroom which this would look fabulous in.

Being a family bathroom it’s important that we have a laundry basket the size of the moon, regrettably I’m yet to find a company specialising in moon sized laundry baskets, but I think this Premier High Gloss White Laundry Basket should hold a couple of loads at least. To be honest I’d be tempted to buy two and have one for lights and the other for darks, but that may be a logical step too far for my boys.

Bella Bathrooms

Ours is a chilly bathroom so a radiator is essential, this Reina Nerox Single Polished Stainless Steel Designer Horizontal Radiator bangs all the right buttons for me. It’s gorgeous, practical and stylish. And the finishing touch to my stunning new fantasy bathroom? It’s got to be the HiB Vibe Portrait Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror. It’s not just any bathroom mirror. Oh no, it plays music. I have to have this musical mirror. It must be mine!

My dream family bathroom, clean, white, contemporary and practical, but with a mirror which plays all my favourite music so I can dance my socks off in the shower. What more does a girl need?

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