My Top Make Up Tips

I don’t wear make up. I don’t like how it feels on my skin. I don’t like looking like a painted facsimile of myself.

I’m not beautiful. Painting my face won’t make me beautiful. I’m ok. You’re ok. You don’t need to put a face on. You don’t need to hide behind a mask. You’re fine. You’ll do. You’re cute. Don’t hide it.

Dark circles and blemishes? You’re fine. No one cares. Really they don’t.

Spots? No one cares. Caking your face in concealer is probably making it worse anyway.

Scars? Ok, hide them if you want. But they don’t bother me. You’re not ugly, you’re not horrifying. You’re cute, they tell a story and they’re probably hardly noticeable anyway.

If you want to wear make up for you, do it, but don’t do it because you’re worried about what people think about you. Or because someone tells you to. Or because all your friends do. Because really, you’re beautiful and you really don’t need it.

No make up

4 responses to “My Top Make Up Tips

  1. I rarely wear much make up, occasionally some eyeliner or mascara. I’m amazed at the amount of mums who smear on the make up just to do with school run.

  2. expressionconfession

    Is that you on the left in the pic?!

  3. i admire woman who don’t wear makeup. i never leave my house without foundation and mascara at the very least. my skin is blotchy and my eyes are tiny so i feel like i need help! its a personal thing i suppose. i KNOW i look better with makeup on than without it and i think most woman do tbh (maybe not the woman in your post tho!) but thats not to say everyone should wear it.

  4. Ellen Windmill

    I love make up, but most days mascara is as good as it gets for me!! It’s a shame when women/girls hide behind a mask, I’m all for enhancing skin or highlighting eyes/lips and hate the idea that a woman is brave to leave the house without make up!!

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