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The Day My iPad Died

For my birthday last year I got an iPad and I loved it. Then I became ill, disabled; unable to move or leave the house for 8 months it became my lifeline. It kept me in touch with the outside world. I made a heap of friends who would chat to me online around the clock if need be. They kept my spirits up, they stopped me from going stark raving bonkers (I only went slightly mad) and they and my beloved iPad helped me reassess my life.

Since my last operation I’ve quit my much hated job to try and go it alone. A big part of that was my iPad. I did all of my work on it and it was still my social lifeline. This morning I woke up, grabbed it and it was dead, kaput. I tried everything but got nothing. Lovely Hodge is going to take it to be looked at by an Apple Genius, but until then I’m stuck. To be fair it’s been dying for the last few months. I’ve killed it by being too sociable, writing too many words, taking too many pictures having too much fun with it.

My new iPad arrives on Wednesday. Until then I’m pretty much stuck, but Christmas is coming so I’ll channel my iPad time towards present wrapping, tinsel draping and chestnut roasting.

But bugger, I feel like I’ve lost a limb. It’s been my constant companion for over a year. I’ll miss that old guy, I really will.