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Ma’amy Dodger Cake – A Royal Bake Fit For A Queen

The Queen is celebrating her 90th Birthday with a National Party on June 12th, and to help with the celebrations, I took part in a competition to bake something #FitForAQueen with Kitchenways.

I baked a deliciously light sponge cake filled with lovely purple (the royal colour) mulled wine jam. I’d like to think the Queen would approve of my simple but very yummy cake which I’ve called my “Ma’amy Dodger Cake”; a nod to the fact that a) there’s jam in it and b) when you call the Queen ‘Ma’am’ it’s meant to be pronounced ‘mam’.


To find out how to make my Ma’amy Dodger Cake, read my recipe below…

Ma’amy Dodger Cake – A Royal Bake #FitForAQueen

Serves 16
A classic Victoria Sponge layered with Mulled Wine Jam and Chantilly Cream. Meet my Ma’amy Dodger Cake – A Royal Bake #FitForAQueen

300g caster sugar
300g softened butter
6 eggs, beaten
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbsp milk
300g self-raising flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
For the filling
1/2 Jar Mackays Christmas Preserve (mulled wine jam)
200ml double cream
1 level tablespoon of icing sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Heat your fan oven to 190c. Butter three 20cm sandwich tins. In a large bowl, beat your butter and sugar together until fluffy (I used a hand mixer). Add the eggs, milk and vanilla and combine, then add the flour and baking powder and mix together until you have a smooth batter.

Divide the mixture equally between the three tins, you can weigh them to make sure they’re fairly equal if you’d like. Bake in your pre-heated oven for around 20 mins until golden and they’re cooked. Remove from the tins and leave to cool on a cooling rack.

To make the Chantilly cream, beat the cream, sugar and vanilla until smooth and creamy. I used my hand mixer for this and it took just a few minutes.

To assemble the cake, choose the most attractive of the three sponge cakes and save that one to go on the top. You may need to cut the top of some of your layers to make them flatter so they sit more comfortably on each other. Put the bottom layer on your serving plate or cake board. Put a teaspoon of jam on the plate and put your bottom layer on that. It will help it stick to the board. Cover that first layer with your jam and put the second layer on top. Gently press the layers together. Top your second layer with the cream and put your top layer on top, sprinkle with icing sugar or decorate as you wish.

The cream is fresh so the cake will need to be eaten fairly quickly or refrigerated. If you want to keep it for a few days it might be best to not have the cream in between layers, maybe kept in the fridge to indulgently dollop on the side.

My Ma’my Dodger Cake would make the prefect addition to a celebratory street party or a refined afternoon tea round at Buckingham Palace. It’s so quick and easy to make, it’ll leave you plenty of time to make a few plates of cucumber sandwiches and mix up a jug or two of Pimms for the party!

Ma'amy Dodger Cake - A Royal Bake #FitForAQueen

I’ve served mine on my new (royal) purple cake carrier from Kitchenways. It’s perfect for picnics and for keeping flies and other unwanted things off your bakes if you’re dining out. It’s also fairly indestructible if dropped and large enough for my super-sized Ma’amy Dodge cake to sit on comfortably. 

Will you be baking a cake with your family to celebrate the Queen’s birthday? What will you bake that is #FitForAQueen?


I have to say, this sponge recipe is absolutely magic, I use it as the base for all my sponge cake bakes now, from butterfly cakes, cupcakes, sponge puddings and good old Victoria sponges, it’s light every single time. I can’t fault it.

Note: I was sent the cake carrier from Kitchenways in return for this post. All images, opinions and content are my own.