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An Open Letter to a Friend

small unremembered acts of kindness

I saw this quote last week after we spoke and I wanted you to see it. I wanted you to know that your life has meaning and is full of achievements. Achievements are more than just things on your CV and trophies in a cabinet. Achievements are not what make you a good friend. Your small, unremembered acts of kindness. You are kind, considerate, loving and giving. You are a good friend.

Mistakes can always be forgiven and if not they can be reconciled. They might force painful change. Change can and often is painful and life altering. But life has taught me, hell, even you’ve taught me that sometimes painful change is needed in order to find a new, different kind of happiness.

Whatever storm you are riding it will pass. Whatever storm you are riding I am and always will be here for you as your friend. Life is full of storms and upsets, but I know more than most that a good storm can be worth the wreckage. I know who my friends are and who I can turn to when I need them. You may not think you need anyone, but you do. You really do.

I don’t want you to ever think that your life is nothing, because to some people your life is everything. Please don’t look back and wonder what the point was, what you’ve contributed. You’ve lived a life and done many things, met and been loved by many people. You’ve done good and bad things. We all have. Your bad things are no worse than a lot of peoples bad things. You’re not unique in that.

Your greatest achievements, your biggest contributions are your beautiful children. They are your lasting gift to the world. Never forget that.

So carry on with your small, unremembered acts of kindness. It all gets paid forward in the end.

Your friend, always,

Jane xx